I have spent the last several hours forgetting what took place this afternoon, then remembering and then being shocked ask over again.

I am simply stunned I had a grand mal seizure.

I shouldn’t be, or at least not as shocked as I am. I knew it was heading for something. They seemed to be getting stronger every now and then and I collapsed completely a couple of times recently.

When I say that I mean collapsing completely to the floor, not against a shelf or magazine rack and holding on for dear life as is normally the case and has been for a number of years now.

It keeps flashing through my mind how weirded out I was at finding myself lying on the floor. On my left side I think. I only remember feeling like I was being violently shaken but in an involuntary movement kind of way and sitting upright and staggering into my knees.

As far as I can find the postural hypertension I was diagnosed with does not come up as a cause for seizures. Many things do and unfortunately many are fatal.

Many of the ones that aren’t fatal can easily be ruled out, bit leaving the prognosis looking too clever.

Well I did state several times that I don’t think I would make it to the age my father did at 56.

To think, I thought enough people would realise the truths hidden in this blog, tell family and friends about it who would do the same and I’d get to have a private Doctor look at me before the NHS killed me?

Fat chance.

Was not that long ago I told a friend it looks like I have diverticulitis and he said that, that , could kill me.

Oddly one of the not so nice possible causes does state fogginess of the brain and more importantly, gut problems.

I had settled in diverticulitis because it was obvious that bacteria was involved each time I had a fourteen hour dose from hell. Unless the guy problems listed for the condition I saw involved bacteria?

Seems funny really waiting eight days to see a Doctor over things that have a 50/50 chance of being the worst kind of news! Lol.

A friend of mine said I am not eating enough. He says that for everything that ever happens. I’m sure fit some bizarre reasons he wants me to get fat?

Except I have spent twenty plus years not eating breakfast and I had a banana and a couple of Jaffa cakes with milk this morning.

So it’s not lack of food not is it low blood sugar.

EDIT: I also forgot to put in the very thing I forgot to mention in the previous post. I had scraped my arm in one place and a scratch on the opposite side of my forearm. So I deduced that as I fell my arm went through the wire of the fence.

I also felt a stinging in the back of my leg and after a few minutes a stinging feeling also on my forearm and later realised I had landed in a load of stinging nettles.

It is only now I am wondering what would happen if someone had a fit and fell into a she load of stinging nettles?! Ouch!


I had forgotten until I see the BBC News below that along with getting several movies and several photographs of some of the British wildlife I saw a very large wasp while I was out.

It was so large it had to be a Hornet but not one over seen before and certainly not anywhere around here. Whereas Hornets are slightly hairy this had a smooth abdomen just like your average wasp. It was almost exactly the same colour as the average wasp. Just over twice the size.

It flew down into some grass right in front of me. I tried to tease it out with a stick to film it but no joy. It must have had a burrow in the soil to not come out when teased?

Are ‘killer’ Asian hornets on their way to the UK? –

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