Before very long it would have been a whole four years since I started my very first blog.

It would take another year to eighteen months before the other catch up to this figure.

The whole time I was posting on this blog there were always a list of possibilities that could arise from it.

  • There was the helping is someone’s court case which proved much of what I said, getting the documents and publishing them on-line

  • There was the possibility that I may start to generate some money through advertising, but was fed a load of crap about that in the beginning

  • There was the possibility, or more inevitability, that once I had attracted enough people and made a certain number of people aware of me I would get my three books published

  • That some honest organisation would come along one day and say ‘Jesus! This guy did all this with no money, resources, support? What would he do if he was given a mountain of resources?! We have to have him working for us!!”

  • Which all started off to try and forewarn and help as many victims or unaware about to be victims, as I could

  • Plus I had no less than twelve other subject matters across other blogs and a YouTube channel also aiding in other areas, including logging WILDLIFE

  • Or even a job or career is some capacity involved in the other and much lighter subjects I cover

  • Someone would make an offer I could not refuse to buy one of my blogs from me

I had thought about other possibilities too.

  • Re contacting the News Media but saw this as hopeless as I suspect them also

  • Trying to become affiliated with some group or other

All I needed was to put in the time, effort and commitment and although I was prepared to do that I must say it has taken longer then I first thought it would. IN the beginning I thought a year at least, maybe two. Pretty soon it would have been four years.

I do feel for all the bloggers out there that were led to believe in something only to fond out it was not as it first appeared.

I had figured recently that I must now be within a year, going by numbers alone, for one of these to occur.

Well that is barrring the very first one as I seem to have been disowned and sentenced to a relative living hell I must now work towards trying to get out of with the remaining things on that list.

The really bizarre thing is thee first one taking place would have made all the other ones happen overnight, metaphorically speaking. Certainly within days or weeks which would have been just great.

As regards the being affiliated I often thought how nice it would be to be linked and meet up with some group or organisation with similar goals to my own. I even wondered about anarchy groups, though admittedly I am not sure what any of their goals are and added to this I am not sure I like the word ‘anarchy’ unless only applied to them by the establishment to make them appear in a bad light?

Though I genuinely believe that my healt conditions will not allow me to live much beyond another 8 years and it is a fact I have to deal with every single day.

I now know that both my father and grandmother had the same condition but whereas my grandmother was always forced to walk everywhere and a mile from a market to home with the shopping my father was not active in this way and not very fit.

As a result my grandmother died suddenly at 75 and my father at 56.

The problem is as much as I try to keep myself active and fit, with cycling and such, I have many more symptoms than either my father or grandmother showed.

When I found out I had Fibromyalgia I had long made many links to things that had happened with both my father and grandmother with their symptoms. They were both terrified of hospitals and Doctors and simply never went to any. At all except for very late on with mny grandmother when she was having serious back pains, like I have had the last few years. I have had the back pains well over a decade, possibly more than fifteen years but its been the last 5 years they have suddenly taken a nose dive into unbearable now and then.

These days I take both Tramadol and Methocarbamol just for the back pain alone.

With the help and advice I give it is not just ‘look at for the feckers, they are out to get you’ but I can even do money saving, though they likely never realised it, by stating that many gig electrical chain stores are now selling refurbished goods to survive. Then finding out later that at least one of them had been doing this at least as far back as 2003!

Many might have turned away, without looking at any evidence, and did a brain-dead thing and automatically think I was wrong. You would be surprised how many people think they have this automated built in wisdom that can detect the wheat from the chaff in milliseconds. I see it on-line all the time. But later might have been picking up an item from Argos or some other store … see these red and white along with clear seals over the boxes, the clear one stating ‘void’ in gold, and thinking ‘hang on a minute? This is faulty and I remember this guy talking about watching out for some suspect void seals on the boxes? What gives?!’ Then probably cannot remember the web address of my blog? Lol.


Of course the blogs and YouTube channel can become useful in other little ways too, like in a big arguments as is about to occur over the coming months?

I said the other day to friends who remembered that I thought I was filmed recently and not once but a couple of times. I do not care. I also recalled about how a GP who suddenly left for pastures new, only recently asked me if I was recording our appointments?

I reminded them that I said I thought something was coming my way over the next couple of months from the DWP and two mornings ago it arrived.

Some probably came here for the first time, read it and thought I got lucky.

Well … I get bloody lucky a hell of a lot.

Annoyingly this is never in the things that matter.

I used to think I had bad luck attached top me and my grandmother thought it was preposterous until a day I will never forget when yet another things happened to me and she looked at me and said “You know I think your right? How do so many bad things happen to you?”

Yet when it comes to me deductions I am very rarely wrong.

I used to do good and picking out the names of both horses and greyhounds in races that would win.

A friend asked me to do it one day to show a friend of his in a bookmakers. The man’s eyes went wide with wonder and a big smile on his face and he said … “LETS PUT ALL OUR MONEY ON THE NEXT FEW RACES!”

My mate turned to him and said “Naaah. As soon as he puts money on it or I put money on a name he picks out it never wins! It is bloody weird!”

So in other words whenever it is anything that is beneficial to me personally it never works out but I thought that my blogs were the one thing that I could control that would? I would just have to be bloody patient. I am beginning to realise I might need the patience of a saint?!

With eight years to go?!

I just hope those eight years are not sitting around watching this country and others tell more lies, ever more corruption being revealed and actually start turning the corner for the better.

But familiarity breeds content.

I even thought about joining a club or even doing a course somewhere? Though feck knows how I would get there and cope with my personal life while doing anything?

I would definitely require certain … support and tools.


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