I mean punishment!

In this report by the BBC, of all people, that states that child trafficking in the European Union had risen.

I am sorry but I agree with America on one thing and that is capital punishment. I might disagree with it in certain instances but this is one instant whereby absolute scum of the Earth should be eliminated.

I would not hesitate to carry this out one on one, or more, saving the government and taxpayer money. Helps against global warming by decreasing the amount of CO2 being produced!

It a win-win!

There is a small list of criminals that I would love to see exterminated as what they do shows they are the most evil and most amoral of animal scum. If the devil had people in the world doing such scum sucking things these people would be on his payroll!

Funny actually as I wonder if I might be conversing with the United Nations in the coming weeks?

Now provided they stand for what they claim they do, for the love of God let me find just one, it would be such a relief. It would also be very cool if they themselves decided I had a unique combination of skill-sets and employed me as an investigator. Going after really bad guys?

Oh how I would wallow in absolute joy doing something like that.

The resources, gadgets available to me and the ideas I would come up with would be mind-blowing, even mine, and a feeling that you get from doing such good deeds.

To me they’re is no better feeling than that of knowing you have done some good.

It boggles my mind how people can get into such degrading and heinous activities.

Unfortunately and to me they are created by a system that refuses to change and leaves too many black holes in society and turns there back on them.

Thru seem to pretend, or mute accurately deluded, that everything will just work out in the end.

I even heard about the state of prisons in the UK and they allowed the BBC News reporters into one.

This prison was an absolute joke, some were going in skint and actually coming out rich or wealthy. Judy about every drug available was freely … well … available! They were even smoking cannabis out in the open in full view of the reporters.

One member of staff wanted to talk about nothing else other than corruption.

See it really is everywhere you look and long as people keep buying their heads in the sand the worse each and every corrupt system gets.

To me this is selfish and add I said to another bigger recently I call this ‘The Osterich Paradox’.

You start to talk to help people by forewarning them and they bury their heads in the sand. In effect your talking to deaf people and nothing gets heard.

Selfish because I think like thus…

I hear of the horrid things going on and I immediately don’t think of myself and think that if this continues it will get worse. It will also spread by employees going from organisation to organisation and company owner and top did learning the tricks from their friends.

I … don’t … want … my … daughter … and … grandchildren … to … live … in … a … world … like … that!

Why I think the majority see the details and go ‘no-no-no-no-nooo, it’s not happening. Doesn’t affect me so I’m just going to ignore it.

Meanwhile over time things get worse and your younger lived ones grow up in a world like this.

Even the United Nations are currently tasked to investigate the way the British government has been testing disabled people.

Now to me do you know what I think now?

I think that every single news network and political journalist should stop speaking to almost all top tier politicians including David Cameron, George Osborne and that ex idiot, I mean PM, Tony Tory. I mean Tony Blair.

Because they have treated the most vulnerable in society like absolute shite and kept hiding it while they were obsessed with money and doing their hands into taxes forced out of us or go to jail!

Everything is upside down and backwards and they are so sure they’re is no Legal rights anymore they are even in your face about it.

I’ve spent year telling each and every one of them that I’ve got recorded evidence and they don’t put do much as an eyelash out of place.

Once upon a time someone with my evidence works have been bought off for a humongous amount of money.

But the one thing I pretty much knew because of their demeanour is that an offer like this would not occur. Unless maybe I hit a few million, maybe?

I still don’t think it would happen, unless it’s tend of millions and the ‘establishment’ thought the rest of the world were raising an eyebrow over the British governments and fat-cats avarice and contempt for other human beings, especially the most vulnerable.

It remains to be seen how the United Nations will act in all this? They are not my last port of call though. That comes in a few weeks and a good time as I might…just might be corresponding with the UN.

In the meantime I constantly look for signs that the good guys are winning.

Or even that the good guys are out there. Not the ones wearing rise tinted glasses, they are useless and mire or less blind along with stupid.

No prior that will tackle things most others would be weary of dealing with. I don’t see enough of them. Everyone seems to be pally with each other. All cronies to one another!

I said to a friend today. From what I’ve learned there is no effing way is want to be a celebrity. Because done of them are, or at least were, into some pretty awful things.

You could end up dead, murdered in front of your boyfriend but at least you could go to the next world knowing he will get a great job from God studying?!

Or be a passenger in a car and end up ploughing into a stone pillar at high speed in a spot accidents never occur?


Migrant crisis: Child trafficking on rise in EU –


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