So then, I have my polling card for voting in the EU Referendum.

To be honest I am torn over this one, I truly am.

On the leave side the only thing I have disliked is that the UK has been haemorrhaging money to Europe for whatever reasons.

While I have watched as people, organisations and companies in the UK get worse and worse, turn more towards corruption, lies and deceit and cannot help but think that without the mountain of money going out the door things … or life would be better?

There is the other thing is the fact that the Germans, or should I say reports, have been conducting and controlling things and on hearing that I get flashbacks to 1939. Except … I wasn’t there! Lol.

Then on the other hand …

When I think of how bad things are in this country I cannot help but wonder if leaving Europe would just give the evil empire carte-blanch to treat the most vulnerable and the working classes even worse than they already are?!

You see my problem?

Now if Nigel Farage was Prime Minister and provided he was genuine in his statements about making things fairer then I would vote leave. Because it has not been fairer while other people have been in power and the laws and rules have never been more biased at any other time in Britain’s history.

Towards its own people I might add.

But then again in recent times and troubles may be the elite of Europe, other than the UK as they are not capable, have learnt a thing or two and might be more sympathetic to the British people that the British elite and government have been forsaking little by little over the past dozen years?

I hear a lot about human rights and fairness in the media … but I don’t see it. Everyone speaks a great deal about how they are going to change … but I don’t feel it.

I see children in the media speaking about saving the world, climate change and looking after their country, then follow them down the road as they lob their empty fried chicken boxes all over the roads in Enfield.

So I don’t experience it.

It has become a world of cloak and dagger, of outward appearances and untruths.

The media loves to bang on about the lies, albeit selective ones, and queue up to question the liars instead of the people.

Well if you keep asking the same questions of the liars, take a guess what you get? The same old lies or completely new ones and everyone I ever come across is sick of it.

It is not transparency that is needed it as actual change that people can feel. Change that people have not felt in two generations and likely since the end of World War 2 or the sixties at the earliest.

The elitists need to stop money and power from making them think they are more than human.

In fact I saw a very good video yesterday involving astronomy and what would happen if a wandering Neutron star came into our solar system. Yeah, yeah I have a neglected blog on that subject too!

Look up into the night sky on a very clear night or atop a mountain. How many stars do you see? A large amount of these are in our neighbourhood, could collapse and become a Neutron star and head towards our solar system. In theory at any time.

I am always championing sciences such as astronomy and space exploration while those that are more naive think it is a waste of money. If you do you really need to see this …


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