Stupid, crap and typical.

The use of the law these days is not for that it was intended when the founders introduced it eons ago.

The harshest judgements and changes affect those that have the least but the law only exists for the frivolous.

I simply scratch my head in confusion and drop my head in shame at the state of things in the UK.

I wonder what it would be like to travel to the future and read several books written by reputable historians and what they would say about Britain after the turn of the millennium and it’s first twenty years into it?

I would wager they would not have very good things to say. I would go as far as stating that a period of twenty or thirty years would be listed as a dark one and frown upon with all the names that hit the headlines remembered in a bag light?

It would probably be written at how naïve we were as a nation and his much was kept hidden from us behind the lines. The heinous things going on at the BBC being just a part of a bigger whole?

None of that helps in any way of the mistakes today and the impression we give out to the rest of the world.

I imagine many nations must raise an eyebrow at what occurs in Britain and others may look away on disgust while some may even burst out with laughter?

I am just glad I’m not in a foreign country sometimes and in a public place when news of things like this are reported on. I would certainly keep my mouth shut and hide my nationality for several days!

Hmm or I could just put on an accent from another nation. Yes … or change my name to Dmitri Pureyev?


Celebrity injunction: PJS cannot be named, says Supreme Court –


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