Me being into all the things I am, sciences, animals, computers, orchids and everything technological, it should be naturally assumed that I am always thinking of possibilities.

One possibility that just about everyone should be thinking about is the future but when I do that I get a really horrible shudder down my spine and then wonder why, as I would not be here to endure it.

We are heading in the wrong direction. That much has been perfectly clear to me for well over a decade and it took me several years to figure out why.

During that long period of figuring out why the situation has gotten progressively worse.

I am a science fiction fan and I always like movies about the possible future we might have and some of these are Utopian … almost like … hmm say Star Trek … trying to think of a better example, or they are Dystopian. Like Mad Max.

Star Trek usually conveys a better future whereby they even state there is no such thing as money any more, suggesting that in time we realised had bad and evil it was to make everything revolve around that? It also suggests that without it we progress a lot faster and further as a society. Or societies?

Funny then that the films are so popular but that it seems to be accepted today that lying and cheating is just the way it is?

Considering everything that I myself alone have exposed which type of future do you think we are heading for? A Utopian, meaning heaven like, or Dystopian, meaning hell like?

If your one that accepts the way things are today but thinks we will still reach some form of Utopia … how do you think that? Do you think that magically one day everyone will just wake up and stop?

The people have to stop it, quite simply.

It wont take any one person, like me for instance. No matter how smart I am or what abilities I have one single person can not do it on their own. Well … at least I do not think so. Maybe if there was someone like me with limitless resources?

I don’t have limitless resources and cannot even swing a cat in here without giving it a headache!

Hmm just had a call on an old disused mobile from Capita … apparently I need to speak to Atos?! Funny as I thought that the news media and Nick DeBois to my face told me they had gone?! It seems like more and more lies on top of old lies. Oh well …

Sorry distracted there momentarily but seems fitting due to who it was and what it was about.

Yes so it seems that the public offices and many private organisations all deal in lies and deceit these days to a public they think are clueless about it? Or the survive and moronic fanboyism and idolisation because of some item or gadget?

The longer this continues the more it becomes accepted as the way of life and therefore the more it will be adopted by ever more people, organisations and companies.

I do wonder where the influence may come from?

I have think I have said this before but due to children seemingly remembering previous lives as someone else, and even a different gender, I have asked myself if we keep coming back?

I have also stated that if this is the case then I do not want to come back! Not with the future we are currently heading for! Who in the right mind, other than the devil’s minions, would want to come back to this? Imagine it further down the road to getting worse? Remember you have to add at least 20 years to reach adulthood? If you get half decent parents and you make it of course!

It boggles the mind and anyone scientific minded and all scientists must sit there at home, see, read and hear about all this and ask themselves the exact same questions?

It it was like a future in Star Trek I could not wait to comer back! If it was like Mad Max … well there would be no governments, taxes, wan… I mean public services to hound you for cash you dont have or the cash they just gave you to live, lol.

But imagine a world worse than that depicted in Mad Max films but where the Wolves still exist but are ten times worse? Turn up at your door and if you do not pay, shoot you in the face? LOL.

I am making jokes about it but really deep down it does feel like it will be that way.

I wonder if you get a choice whether to come back … or where? I would never choose the UK in a million years!

I would choose probably America, Australia, Scandinavia … just about anywhere other than here!

Nowhere were the obsessed with deities either! So parts of America are out then? Lol.

But then maybe in the future many people might have woken up? Here’s hoping.


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