The weather is crap … raining like hell. So I have been stuck indoors.

As I mentioned previously I met a lady the other day while out on my bike filming wildlife, her name is Wyn.

Surprisingly she seemed familiar with Fibromyalgia and she said that it was ‘a horrible condition’ to which I agreed it was.

I never got to tell her about my buggered right knee and how they refused to diagnose that, or my fecked back and neck, nor this recurring thing I have the gives you the worst abdominal pains that last for 14 hours and you repeatedly just want to … die.

Nor what happened to my daughter.

If you have looked at enough of my blog and decide not to bring a child into the world, no one would blame you.

It is the reason why I have never had another child nor even gone close to a relationship in well over ten years. About fourteen years at my reckoning.

You noted that for the first time in ages I published a post naming and shaming the DWP?

Also that I stated they paid me PIPs a little over a year ago at £50 less than the DLA they took away from me 8 years before? So theoretically owing me in the region of £45,000?

How are you with coincidences?

Assess 180516

I know straight away what this is.

No questions … just a demand for me to arrive!

They know my condition. I know what they did, how and why.

My condition does not get better, its incurable.

Since then my back has gotten worse, just as I have explained on here many times.

I also have the stomach cramping thing occurring semi-regularly now which may or my not, but likely to be, diverticulitis.

It is on file and I have told the DWP over and over and over again that I cannot travel, or very rarely do unless I am pilled up to the teeth.

As I did recently to get my camera and nearly called an ambulance … except I was on the underground so would not be able to make a call anyway. That was going when I knew the buses and trains would be empty.

My mother lives just down the road from where they want me to attend in Holloway Road and there would be shops there I would love to see. Both cycle shops and cameras too. My mother always complaining I do not go there.

This is an attack on me as I just posted a load of things about them.

The funny thing was when I posted it I thought ‘Martin, you ave not done this in awhile … you know they are going to kick up a fuss over this?’ Then I thought ‘Nahhh, they wont!’.

They did, lmfao!

Well this is going to be … FUN!

No email address of course … as per bloody usual!

Now let us see if they can get o my house this time around? If they cannot let us see if they will lie about it once again just as Atos did before them.

Oh I KNOW this is not Atos … they would not be stupid enough to send me this letter.

It is Capita who I have had very brief dealings with previously but they obviously do not recall?

No contact details on their website …

Like bollocks they are trained. Trained to find any excuse to make your life a living hell is what they are trained to do and by the DWP and the government.

Hmm I wonder if any of the disabled who were blaming Atos are now blaming Capita? Lol. No … this is the DW of P as it has always been.

No, it seems as if it is business as usual but with a different name, new faces willing to lie and cheat without being warned about their possible enemies … like me!

It states there that they are employing nurses, as one woman was visited by someone that was a nurse and someone else goes on to say that they even employ Doctors that have been struck off?!

Oh .. oh .. this is just GREAT!

So now they have something in place whereby if they get a GP or other Doctor struck off for being caught lying, cheating and falsifying evidence they reassure them by saying ‘look, the chances of being found out are extremely unlikely … but if they do … do not worry as WE will give you a job as a Doctor!’ LMFAO!

I think I am right in that the DWP use any info you give them as legally binding, hence if you give false info you can be prosecuted. So why do the same rules not apply to ATOS/CAPITA assessors? – Babyblu54 from the link above

This is EXACTLY what I have been saying for years! Long before I even started this blog nearly 4 years ago.

Same applies to legal rights and legal aid while your bombarded with adverts that make it look like you still have an avenue to take that I have just proven recently does not exist!

Hmm a man waits months, umm I waited a whole year and had it cancelled for 8 years, without hearing his assessment and then finds out that his assessor QUIT HER JOB?

Sounds like some people have scruples?

How could they get people to lie?

Well Capita are offering them £900 per day! Your tax money that is … paying people £900 a day to lie about disabled people because it looks like they are really assessing people, lmfao!



Dear Sirs

Why have you sent me a letter for an arrangement to be assessed?

Did the DWP not tell you who I am?

Did they not inform you that I am the one that had Atos running to the hills?

Did they not warn you that I have a website where I have now attracted over 330,000 people and rising ever faster and published a load of recordings and lies told by both the DWP and your predecessors, Atos?

Oh dear.

They did not tell you of the secret recordings or that I have been in contact with disability groups, many that visit my website, and telling them that the DWP asked Atos to lie and cheat disabled people and that the next one that comes along will just continue where Atos left off?

Did they also not warn you that my disability was already cut for 8 years and that once I collected enough evidence, worked out how they got GP’s top lie, trust me its no longer a secret, and hospitals that they called me on the phone, reversed a decision of refusal without a single medical document and paid £4,500 into my bank account within a week?


Oh well … I am always glad for more content for my blog and YouTube channel!

However … just as the DWP already full well know as did Atos before you, you have to visit me I am afraid. My mother lives half a mile from Holloway Road and is always complaining I do not go to see her. She is a bit inconsiderate towards other and there ailments I am afraid.

Please let me know a convenient time and date for you and I will make damn sure that I am here for you!

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


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