I found this site a while ago that has someone also complaining about Atos, hmm didn’t check the date it was posted …huh, four years ago.

Four years ago many were already complaining about Atos and the DWP, instead they were wrongly blaming it all on Atos and not realising the DWP were directing them to trick and cheat us while they still get paid!

I find that soooo hilarious!

Anyway it is on a website that is supposed to help with benefits and crap but when she said whe was going to post the complaint the site said that it was not appropriate to publish an ongoing complaint?

Not appropriate for who?

I think I have to give a word of warning here that you have to be very, very careful about what websites you turn to for help and advice as many of them will be the enemies your up against!

I know this because I once frequented a forum about these things after being physically attacked, they came out worse off, and then defrauded by bailiffs.

Yeah they look great on TV don’t they? Tell you they obey the rules and the law when nothing could be further from the truth! TV is another thing that needs a kick up the effing arse!

No well what they don’t show you on TV is that they attack you, take £6,000 worth of stuff, actually sell one single item for £2,800 have one other worth at least £600 to £700 leaving still three items and tell you they got £735 for the whole lot! LMAO!

Yes siree I have all the documents to that and I posted some on the forum I mentioned above, next thing I get a call from a woman called Sheila, after someone asks me for my number to pass it along. I am then told I have the biggest case they have ever seen, few phone-calls over couple months. Hand over details to a witness and copies, COPIES, of the documents and the next thing you know both the woman helping me, after some abysmal excuses, the witness and the woman both vanish.

Even the shop that built my £4,400 bike were I met the witness did not know where he had vanished to!

Meaning it could only be that she worked for them.

That site was called the Consumer Action Group and I have had lots of people complain to me about some very odd things about that site and whenever someone brought up a concern they would get banned from the site!

Weird, is it not?

The other problem is having all these sites in the first place … everyone is divided up instead of together, speaking as one!

That is either just plain stupid … or a cunning plan?

I have ofte told groups campaigning for different things that they too need to act as one and band together but they are not interested.

Maybe its a God complex things, someone ends up in charge or a leader of sorts and the power trip goes to their heads.

Kind of contrasts greatly with me trying to get groups or people to work together, don’t you think?

After all I have never put in anything that makes it look like I want you to join my gang!

I also think its very clear to everyone I don’t give a flying … scotsman about publishing absolutely anything!

Maybe that is what I should do? Tell people they can publish what they want here?

It also got me wondering how many people there are out there?

I mean how many people have complaints? How many people have been booted in the nether regions in the most inhumane way?

I then started thinking about percentages and asked myself what percentage of people you need before you have a revolution?

I mean the country is ran like crap, surely everyone must see that that is not blind or stupid?

It is obvious with each passing day that more and more is corrupt, nothing but lies and despite being servants to the people are more interested in their own jobs, salaries and careers (if you can call them that) in lying and cheating?

Would that percentage have to be over fifty percent?

Close to fifty percent?

Fifty percent of a specific group?

I never really thought about it before. I wonder if I should now go off and research the first ten revolutions in history?

Well the numbers have been going up for a very long time and will continue to go up for a very long time to come.

I am starting to wonder if I might actually see a revolution in the UK in my own bloody lifetime?!

Weird feeling, that.

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