Wow, what a nice day it turned out to be.

I went out on my bike and immediately got annoyed. Turned north on the A10 and a wind hit me that was quite cool. A bit too cool.

Then the sun disappeared.

I then decided that the Dragonfly reserve was not going to happen. I was feeling awkward in the seat immediately, due to recent health issues, and thought about putting the bike back and going up by bus. But it was two buses and I would rather do it that way a lot earlier in the morning.

So I went to what I call The Old Wood.

I also had the new camera stabilizer attached to my Kata camera backpack. I could not get the Velbon EX-Macro tripod to attach anywhere and after a bit of messing about I decided to leave it.

But that is not what I purchased thee tripod for, it was meant go out out each and every time so I will have to sort something out and may have done while I was out.

The camera stabilizer fits on your shoulder and I put it on my right shoulder. Thinking about it now I had some issues with having the Kata on my back at the same time. Maybe if I tried switching to my left shoulder with the stabilizer it would have worked better?

The Kata backpack is also switchable and you can have it on either shoulder. With a little messing about as there are two shoulder straps. You can have both on like a normal backpack or either one which attaches to the opposite side at the bottom. Turning it into a sling bag for either shoulder.

I attached my Nikon P900 to the shoulder but I left off the two extra pieces that extend the camera both up and out. More out than up with one and more up than out with the second one.

Worked kinda OK, thought it would be more stable the shorter it was or the closer to my shoulder it was situated? The further the camera was out from my shoulder I had thought the greater the amplification would be of my shoulder to the camera’s movements?

Kinda did.

Had a slight problem seeing the screen … properly at least. I could see the picture but could not quite see if things were in focus.

After the first couple of trial runs and shots I then realised if I just added toe shorter of the two extensions that is more up than out it may work perfectly. I very almost did.

At the same time I switched the camera over to remote mode and pulled out the … um, well remote!

Funny that remote. It can be very hit and miss. Sometimes it takes a couple of presses before you hear the shutter release. At other times it seems to work almost anywhere?!

Oddly it still does not make sense to me. There was no sensor I could find on the camera and could not figure out how the camera receives the infra-red signal. I mean it is a beam of light, there has to be a sensor receiver and ‘line of sight’ is involved, surely?

I had noted when I was taking the, WRONG, photos of Jupiter and its Galilean moons that the remote seem to work best if placed just in front of the handgrip, so the other side on the right hand side of the camera if your looking at it from behind on a tripod.

Another test I did included the sensor being in the place I mentioned in the previous paragraph, then directly out to the right side of the camera. Then the same out on the left side and one directly beneath the camera but slightly to the right.

I expected half of those tests to work at most but you know it surprised me by working every single time, that is every position you can think of.

Other times it was doggedly stubborn and I cannot fathom why?

Another odd thing is that I was told by two people not to wear the stabilizer because the Police would think I have a gun or rifle and end up getting shot.

Oddly I immediately had a theory to their theory no later than they uttered it.

As I started to walk I seem some Small White Butterflies fluttering about.

Then I saw some Orange Tip Butterflies I hope I managed to catch shots of and some film?

I filmed a couple more times and walked the edge of the field complete with both Sheep and Lambs when I got to the edge of what I refer to as The Old Wood. More Old Small Wood really.

As I had approached and from a distance I saw what looked like an Orange Tip Butterfly patrolling what is literally a 90 degree right turn into the wood. I figured I would hold out there and catch the damned Orange Tip.

I had got to meet a very wet dog a few minutes earlier and hos owner and I rubbed the digs head as he or she passed.

After I was at the corner several minutes a woman came along on a bike.

She spotted the camera stabilizer with camera attached and asked me about it. I explained what it was and how cheap it was, looks like few hundreds pound kit, don’t ask me why, but was only around £20. The camera, however, is another matter entirely.

She was fascinated and asked me what I was filming.

I explained I was a wildlife expert and had a YouTube channel and a few blogs.

Then I explained the other blogs.

Then somehow it got onto corruption.

Wyn was her name and she said she knew there were things wrong with the country, you just know things are wrong but not sure how or why.

I told her what I did. I told her what I had done and to whom.

She stood there wide eyed and open mouthed with the occasional turning of the head in horror. I would get the odd question and explain it in detail.

Oh it started with my father and the BBC set up. Yes that one that mysteriously got sent anonymously top my daughter’s phone who has subsequently disappeared.

Hmm, I did not get to explain that bit.

She was so glad that she now knew she was right and that I had not only explained it but as she stated, ‘at least someone is not giving up, doing something about it and fighting it’.

I explained how many blogs I had, what they were on and more importantly why they all existed and she smiled. She got it.

As a matter of fact she got everything…except the in depth details of the Police and my daughter and now that I remember it, the bailiffs.

We were there likely over an hour.

I even explained how the PHSO was failing and what they obvious intentions were regarding the exploits I had, had with the NHS.

I told her the name of my blog, she asked me why it was called that. I said that I was always called a saint over the years and my nickname online had always been ‘allnights’. There are some other reasons I would not get into right now. For another time.

She said that I was a saint and that I was doing it for everyone, ‘for the people!’ she said at one point. I said that was exactly what I did but over the 7 or 8 years I had no help, money or support form anywhere. She looked disgusted.

I explained how I got the DWP to pay £4,500 into my account and she smiled until I smiled back and said it was supposed to be £45,000. She asked why it was so large and I explained how they illegally stopped my disability money, how that was because I had no … diagnosis but after 13 years of asking I found out what my condition was, then manipulated a Doctor into referring me to Guy’s Hospital where my condition of Fibromyalgia, plus my right knee, was confirmed.

Meaning that every single difficulty and every single symptom that I had claimed I suffered from for well over a decade was proved not only positive but dead on the money. I then said that I realised that my GP’s and the NHS had known what my issue was for several years before I discovered it.

Her mouth opened wide in a look of disgust and she swung low down with the shock and I thought she was going to drop her bike!

She was on into the Internet and YouTube she said but I think the look on her face she wished she was. She did ask me about the blog and my name.

She said she had no doubt she will be reading about me in the news media … a shame I did not get to explain that to her.

She did say that when she sees politicians and even members of ombudsman on TV stating how they want to do this or want to do that that it is all bullshit. She already hated the BBC, so hearing about my father’s death and how they had only previously shamed him falsely on TV she did not doubt at all.

She even punched the air as she stated how she would tell everyone about me and point me out in the TV to people. She has more faith than I do and I only met her for an hour to 90 minutes! Lol.

I told her that this is what I need to happen on my blogs and YouTube channel to be successful in what I am aiming for.

I said that people need to see, read, listen and then tell those that are close to them, those they care about. Their family and friends and this should continue on. They need to react just as she had done.

She said that most people would just give up or not even start, not wanting the hassle of it all and how everyone knows it would be a long journey and a pain in the arse from the get go.

I said that is why it is designed the way it is, this is what they want. Have all these bodies you have to go through each one taking months or even years, PHSO, on end.

She looked stunned as I said that all you have to do to corrupt almost everything is corrupt just one thing … just one body … just one public service … the NHS!

I said that without diagnosis .. no support from DWP and no support from local councils and nothing from anywhere else, like mobility or freedom passes for public transport.

She was a prime example of my target audience. Someone that listens, someone that takes the time to understand. Someone that cares. She will bet telling people about our chat for many months. She even said as much.

I get around 15,000 viewers each month currently … estimated but working out what the numbers each month currently are but will take a month … of course. Lol.

The way it has worked I would estimate that 90% of them are of an amoral tendency, even if they do not show it. Because if I had 15,000 visitors a month like Wyn today my blog would go mental within 6 months! Possibly even a month.

But it never has gone viral. It has grown steadily but nothing has gone viral because I do not think I was getting anywhere near enough people like Wyn.

Here is where I met her and a planned video ended up having a little monologue about the chat I had with Wyn and some details about corruption and the odd teaser of future plans …

However when I published the data the first time round the numbers were only in the few thousands … not the tens of thousands. So when I published thee recorded data on the NHS recently it may be having a much greater effect, the effect it should have …

These publications …

I explained that no one had threatened to take me to court no matter how much I publish and she said I sounded like the sort of man that would not be taken down that easily. I said that I had built up a pretty good line of defence and was even doing this at the time we were speaking.

She smiled.

If the effect has been better on the posts I put up previously then when the follow ups come along to do with …

  • The DWP & Atos

  • The Police

  • Local Councils

  • Bailiffs

  • Ombudsman (over 90% of them)

Then maybe about now enough people like the nice lady Wyn will see the truth and explain to everyone they know and care about?

These will be spaced it so each one in turn will get ever more people, per month, see it. That is just how a growing blog works. Each post in turn will get more viewers than one posted up a lot sooner.


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