After publishing those NHS documents, secretly recorded audio files, letters and emails regarding the NHS I then read about that poor young kid, aged 11 I think he was, die and two GP’s in south Wales getting blamed for it.

I knew these deaths would occur and I also knew they would get more frequent, unfortunately. I wished they would not but I knew they would, despite my best efforts to change things.

I had been thinking of late about the stories that must be out there in the wild by now? I had hoped and prayed, as well as encouraged, that people viewing my more shocking revelations that had themselves been affected by all this to go and copy what I did.

I have encouraged that from day one and I have and still do see many stories with an eerie parallel to mine, though I have yet to see either me or my blog being quoted.

I also thought about having a little research on the Internet to find a list of things that are linked to the facts as well as the things I have alluded to over the few years I have been posting them.

At least with any denial or other claims I can show that my documentation goes back to at least 2013 on my letters. Recordings go back around 7 or 8 years, I lose track, lol.

I have yet to get around giving the exact same treatment I have the NHS recently on the Police, Local Councils, DWP, Bailiffs and Ombudsmen. Almost all of the latter.

I also have one other public body that will be left as a surprise and the very last thing to do in that republishing series.

I know one lady I met recently that will be asking how my blogs and my endeavours are not mentioned in the media. I did not get to explain that part of my corruption endeavours. That the media was at minimum biased and at the very most as corrupt as those they point the finger at when it comes to corruption.

Apology for the death of a baby?

Sadly I am pretty much sure that there have been many baby deaths before this one that went unnoticed by some bizarre and unknown means?

At least some of the failings but not the ultimate reasons why are getting reported by some of the tabloid media.

Almost in a knee jerk reaction to the realisation that they fail to mention anything about their own failings on theirmany websites the NHS seem to have with this one.

As for my clearly stating a few years back that cutting off those with mental health issues is bad for not just those afflicted but the general public they make take it out on. I stated very clearly that this was stupidly obvious and if I could see this and predict it then SO SHOULD THEY…

Note how they have stated there are ten cases of someone being killed? If they have admitted to as many as ten, then how many have their really been?

Admit to something to hide something far graver and much higher in frequency is the tactic all public services now employ.

How about something from the Royal Colleges from last year?

How about their ‘111’ system?

How about how many die in hospitals on say a monthly basis?

How many die outside of hospitals that could or not be attributed to General Practitioners?

How about over a year?

But wait a minute?

That article in the Daily Mail states that there are 40,000 deaths a year caused by the NHS, that all thee staff workers think we should save?

That equates to 3,300 deaths each month? The Guardian in the previous link states 750 each month in hospitals? Does this them mean there are over 1,500 deaths per month down the General Practitioners?!

Can you believe there is a mortality database? Well I suppose it makes sense and a good ida that someone is doing that otherwise it would be hard to find out.

Heard of a ‘Death Squad’? No neither had I until a few moments ago when I found out that 14 hospitals had Death Squads posted at their hospitals! Well .. fourteen hospitals at the time it was reported.

How about the fact that the numbers of deaths is going up? Therein lies yet another reported fact that I stated long, long ago on this blog.

An investigation into these deaths?

But will they learn? No. Why? Because they already knew, it is all deliberate to save money and the only industry were saving money means killing your customer base!

Or there is Sky News reporting 13,000 deaths since 2005 and this report was publish in July 2013, so how does the amount from 2013 to date compare with the total over that 8 year period?

See? That is the kind of thing I am always thinking about. Always analyzing, comparing or looking at different ways of comparing. Once I have looked at it from every angle and take into account any recent news reports I then come up with a prediction.

I do get it wrong and willing to hold my hands up when I do … but it is extremely rare because the more important the endeavour the greater the need, or desire, to get it absolutely right.

The only requirement for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing

It does not matter what your reasons are. It does not matter what your excuses are to turn away from the truth someone has gone to great lengths and pain to provide. Denial is essentially the same as doing nothing.


Hmm, with all my attacks and reveals about them performing no action and deliberately dragging their feet do I now spy evidence that the PHSO are trying to vindicate themselves? Trying to justify the money they leech off the taxpayer?

Look at their webpage below …

So a five year plan to correct it? What do you tell the following dozen victims during this time? I will also point out that they spent more time deliberately destroying care for those afflicted with mental health problems.

I do all this and I have done all this for 8 years going on 13 but, well I seriously doubt, that I could do this all on my own.

It is you simply being aware enough and acting accordingly that will finally change things for the better.

It does not get better all on its own.

There simply has to be enough people be aware, act and voice their displeasure in unison.

I am sure if you spent an hour doing your own search on NHS corruption, deaths or failings you will come across many dozens, if not hundreds of articles stating how bad things are.

I guarantee you the truth will be far worse than any one or public service body has admitted to.


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