I have had some … issues lately and not the usual subject of pain.

I put something in place recently to prove the theories of others wrong who seemed to think that ‘theories’ were and are not ‘theories’ in their cases. Sometimes I wonder if they have even heard of the bloody word.

If their ‘theories’ had been correct I would have heard something, I would have been contacted in a certain … way.

It has not happened and that is just as I predicted.

Now I had forgotten about this, as I do so many things.

Yesterday I was meant to go out on my own but someone called me and asked if I wanted to go up to some local stores, so I did.

There was something I needed from a particular store and I told him so.

Now you work this out and consider if this was happening to you over someone close to you?

While I am up there I remember the plans I put in place and I mention that I have not heard anything so that it looks like the commonly held ‘less than half a dozen’ theory was looking likee it was now on shaky ground.

“Oh, well I AGREE with them!” was the response.

“What?” I asked.

“I agree with everything they said” he repeated.

“Sooo … why have a I not heard anything?” I fired straight at thee heart of the theory.

“Because they ripped you off and are too embarrassed that they got caught out to contact you!” came the illogical reply.

What is annoying is that this person wants me to basically burn someone close to me at the stake when he has forgiven several of his own children for doing far, far worse and repeatedly so to.

One sided, much?

This is the person that recently told the other person, he happened to agree with, that I said something about him that I did not. Then denied he had said anything, calling the other one of the collective of what I call ‘the envy theory’ a liar.

In fact it was a theory of mine on the past that he likes to have people he likes to himself and like to cause trouble between other people or friends. He tries to do this in a subtle way but it is not so subtle. In fact he has been accused of and is still believe by one person to be “gay”. He knows this and has denied it and laughed it off.

Except he is starting to behave the same way he sis once before … which was partly why there was a lengthy hiatus in our friendship that lasted 3 years.

Why oh why do people act this way?

As a friend how is telling a ‘suppo-sed’ friend that you have been stabbed in the back by your own child supposed to help?

In fact what at all is it supposed to achieve?

It achieves absolutely nothing at all. So why say it at all?

I only see one possible theory for saying it … because there can be only one outcome for having what they see in their eyes is a positive influence by saying it. Only to their own ends of course…

That I would refuse to even speak to this person ever again, not even allowing them a chance to explain.

By which case I could never possibly benefit from the items I had waited for, for so long.

Because they cannot stand the thought that I would actually be something other than poor, possibly, and could not stand to see me with any form of success?

I have had five months or more, possibly six and I do realise that sounds super crazy, to think about this and unless they are completely incompetent this is the only thing I can think of.

In fact the other issue I mentioned whereby someone was supposed to have said something … was to do with this very blog?!

Someone was supposed to have said something that I know that they would not say and he kinda knows, well now, that I would not expect him to say.

I was supped to be annoyed with a techno-phobe friend because he did not understand how my blog works?

When he told me I said “What? I know only too well you do not understand how your own PHONE works! How would I expect YOU to understand how a blog works or the Internet?”

Of course this leads me to believe that this very same person who was negative about someone related to me and stated to someone I had said something I had not, he later denied saying to said friend, hates the fact my blogs exist.

Might that have something to do with the fact that despite the fact I did not get my hands on the other items that would lead to a whole variety of successes that the blog would do that on its own only 18 months after the previous plan had failed?

There are only two things that pisses me off from not succeeding at the last thing … that I was not able to expand greatly on what I do on my blogs and … that I could not get away from people with minds that work like theirs!

Which oddly enough I may have been totally unaware of had the first plan succeeded.

Now it puts a whole different light on succeeding.

At least now that when I do I can expect some people to have nervous breakdowns and drop to theeir knees crying screaming ‘noooooooo!’?


Hmm being acting like children that are not your children making noises before attempting to kick your real children out of your nest?

Now what does that sound like?

No wonder there are people that are or even have lost or losing faith in humanity.

When are we going to grow up?


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