That … is becoming semi-regular.

It has become clear after this now occurring three times in the last year that … it is not going to stop.

Yesterday I had one of the worst days of my life when it comes to both pain and discomfort. When it started it blew out my plans to get out on my bike with my new camera to some of my frequented nature spots.

After an hour or two I decided that instead of the spot that is about 8 miles away I should just go somewhere that is less than a mile away.

I ended up not leaving the house at all and from 9am, roughly when it all started, it was 11pm before I was finally out the other side of it.

There were points I wanted to punch the wall in front of me in my bathroom, except it is made up of mirrored tiles! That would not have ended well.

There were moments I wanted to die.

The rest of the time left me wondering how scientists can talk about the miracle of the human body when it causes this much pain and upset.

At times like that I am torn between wanting to phone for an ambulance but also wanting to suffer in silence as I never want to be around anyone when I am like that.

The funny thing is this stomach pain, gas, diarrhoea and other things is actually why, right now, I am awaiting a letter from the hospital for a colposcopy. That was how recent the last one was!

After around 8pm I was feeling dead tired too, leaning this way and that and trying to rest my head on something and just wanted to sleep. I was clammy and feverish too and I noticed this time around that whatever was going on inside of me seemed to be on my left side.

I sit here this morning now wanting to get out and do what went south for the winter yesterday but somewhat scared. Should I risk it?

I have not had any more bouts since around 11pm last night and the last couple of hours were so bad I spent an hour or more with my fingers down my throat for 20 to 30 seconds at a time, to try and force something out of me and for the vomiting convulsions to take my mind off the pain and cramps in my stomach.

Yup, that is how bad it got!

I had already decided that my decision to purchase Pepto-Bismol after my last bout was a very major mistake. I wont make that mistake again. Thank you Fibrofog.

I also realise that my memory lapses, known as Fibrofog, even cause me to forget how bad something is! One thing that kept repeating in my mind is ‘How could I have forgotten how effing painful this is and WHY did I not buy Pepto-Bismol after the last bout?!’

One time I had it I had an hour without issues and went out and bought Pepto-Bismol from my local Boots Chemist. This is because there were some pretty strong and pretty awful smells I had deduced were caused my bacteria. Pepto-Bismol was something I came across that seems to kill stomach bacteria so I went out for it out of desperation to try ans stop whatever it was.

Within seconds of drinking the bright pink fluid I felt different. It stopped!

That could have been pure coincidence, I know.

I seem to get a lot of bloating with this too and after several hours you start wondering where all the gas, vomit and excrement is coming from and its akin to thinking you have developed a wormhole in your stomach and crap just keeps coming through from some other dimension or galaxy?

So this morning I tried to do a little research and see if I could nail something down prior to going to the hospital for a colposcopy.

Gastritis, not Gastroenteritis, came up and then so did Diverticulitis with mention for the latter of having pains on the left side. Getting bloated, I often feel it, feeling full after eating, I always get that and a few other things seem to tie up with what I had been experiencing.

There was even mention of bacteria build up in these bulbous pocket type sections linked to diverticulitis.

This was a bit bizarre as I am sure a member of my family has mentioned this condition to me the last few times they visited. I had not known anything about it until my research this morning.

Oddly enough the research also found mentions of children having difficulties and the funny thing is I used to have a lot of and fairly regular stomach pains when I was a child. So much so that liver salts along with Kaolin & Morphene and other things were permanently resident in the family medicine cabinet.

That would be just about typical that I had, had something else for years that the NHS missed.

But I spent many years of my adult life without too much trouble though … it is only recently and the last few years I have started to have these issues return and far worse than anything I had as a child.

Fibre seems to be a common thing mentioned to use and oddly enough I am remembering going through months of buying Bran Flakes for months on end and several times over the last few years. Meaning I now realise I have had this occur at least half a dozen times and I have been forgetting about them occurring.

Probably why the very last visit with my GP, before he moved over to west London, he referred me off over yet another bout of heavy bleeding too. Yeah I have that other horrible complication going on down there which is another reason why I have been averse to visiting hospitals over it.

I told the Doctor the had better ‘knock me the hell out!’ My landlord looked understanding when I told him what I have and turned out he had, had this himself and told me they drug you up and you do not care. Sounds good, maybe I should book regular weekly visits for this?


I have had a cup of tea and worried it would have adverse effects but its been thirty minutes and all seems OK. Had a couple of Jaffa Cakes too. If I am going to end up cycling 20 odd miles by going out on my bike I simply have to eat something. You also have to drink in the warmer weather, they say a litre an hour, or end up feeling drained energy wise before too long.

Normally I get constipation this time of year too!

Nothing is ever easy, is it?



In respite periods and hating the fact I was not out getting content I posted some videos throughout the day … in each case managing to press the publish button before rushing back upstairs …

The times each is posted show how long I was … incapacitated 😉

Shows just some of the other things I am into … too … no astronomy but I did publish a video of Jupiter and its Galilean Moons recently with more to come.


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