I have been having an old pain return since the weather has warmed up.

Well … I say ‘old pain’ only in the sense that I have not had issues from it for several months, long enough for me to have trouble remembering when it was last.

But do not get the idea this could be anything like a year or more because is quite simply is not.

But it does go on and off and is a very bizarre pain and one of three separate odd things that made me realise that my suspicion that I suffered from Fibromyalgia Syndrome was an absolute dead cert!

If memory serves me well, and it rarely does, it would have been from the absolutely best book I have come across on the subject, Figuring Out Fibromyalgia by Ginevra Liptan.

One of the other things that is odd and linked to Fibromyalgia occurs mere inches away from where this pain is located.

I have been meaning to look up the name of the muscle where this occurs and it turns out to be a name I am already familiar with, the Deltoids?! Not sure why I had forgotten they were called that. Or maybe I did not realise that the Deltoids actually went that far up?

For those that do not know where the Deltoids are located they are thee muscle at the very top of your arm over the shoulder joint.

Those with Fibromyalgia get this bloody odd and bloody annoying pain that occurs right over the shoulder joint on the outermost side. It is bi-lateral meaning it occurs on both sides of the body, ar at least it does with me.

Now what happens is mostly you do not feel anything … until that is you just lifting your arm up, worse if arms are outstretched. You get up about 25% of the way it normally starts to hurt and this pain increases the higher you raise you arm. This is to the point whereby 75% of the way up is normally unbearable.

I have been getting this the last week or so.

Only this morning I could feel the pain before I was fully awake and I have never experienced it to actually do that previously. I tried to raise my arms up but by the time they were 25% of the way up it had already become unbearable.

In fact just sitting here typing this out I cam experiencing said pain in my Deltoids which is not unbearable but is DISTRACTING!

That has never occurred before either?!

I do not know if I missed some pills which has made it worse but I have not had this pain at all during the last winter. So I am wondering if this is a warm weather thing?

Unlike most other Fibromyalgia sufferers I have met, they hate the cold whereas I seem to suffer in the warmer months. I was envious of each and every one of the two dozen or so not affected by the warmer weather. This may have been one of the reasons I had learned to fear the summers?

Oddly I also hate the winters as it is so miserable, dark and not a great deal happens and nor can you do very much.

Hmm? Now that I think about it I have always like the Autumn and Spring periods equally and I now wonder whether or not subconsciously I knew these were my easier seasons of the year?

I came down about 8am and I took 100mg of Tramadol and 750mg of Methocarbamol in the hope it was ease the pain off somewhat?

It is 11.33am right now and I am not sure as I have not tried waving my arms about, lol.

Oddly I was initially annoyed as I knew the weather today was going to be crap, after several days of unbelievably good and one or two days of overly hot weather. But the fact that my deltoids are hurting as much as they are this morning I am kind of relieved that I am not going to try and cycle off to a spot that is around 9 miles north of here!

Could have turned out to be a very painful and therefore arduous journey. Not to mention dangerous.

I have spent the morning squeezing my deltoids every now and then in the hope it will ease the pain, though quite how my dumb brain thinks that is going to occur is beyond my rational mind.

It is times like this I am furious with the bullshit surrounding the three drugs I have never ever been prescribed, Sodium oxybate, Milnacipran or the only one of the three they CAN prescribe but wont because of cost … Pregabalin.

I would do almost anything to get my hands on drugs that stemmed every single symptom Fibromyalgia causes….almost … anything!

In fact even the existence of this blog was in the hope that if it could pay a small monthly income I could acquire these drugs and give them each a trial run to see what they could do? I had thought that after two years I might be in the position to be able to do that but over three and a half years I am still thinking I am a year away?

This deltoid pain is certainly going to increase the drive I already have to get a great deal of things done as far as content is concerned for the next 10 months!

The other odd symptom I alluded to is actually your armpits and even wearing a tee-shirt in the warmer months, well hot months, makes you feel like you have a small tennis ball shoved under your armpit!

I remember the first several times this occurred I actually thought a tumour had bloody appeared under my arms! But you put your hand there and nothing is there and nothing, it all seems normal and your like ‘EH?!’

Oh well, keep marching on I guess?


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