The leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries are attending a summit about corruption, Mr Cameron?

Well you would bloody well know that, wouldn’t you?!

Just read this report about something overheard at some meeting or other and I though ‘ohhh here we go again?! The pot has emerged with its foghorn tightly in hand!’

I have stated this so many times on here and with a mountain of evidence and a mountain to come that we should not preach to others about morals when or own country has none but that it’s hidden away behind a flimsy and thin veil!

Over and over again and I will do so over and over again for at least another two years! With more evidence being acquired as rune goes by.

But no, the UK’s inept leaders have to go about with their foghorns and we all wait with baited breath for that inevitable day when it backfires, like they all do, and that revelation will do more harm to the UK than had even been achieved to date!

*sigh* like watching rabbits looking at the incoming headlights while a silencer is wedges good and proper in my gob?!

David Cameron: ‘Fantastically corrupt countries’ –


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