Called it!

I should have used that line ‘Called it!’ more often than I have. But then, thinking about it, it would be on this blog many dozens of times, if not hundreds and got extremely stale after the first half dozen! LMAO!

I saw this report and burst out laughing!

A story about why an Asian across is not in a leading role? Wait? That’s not good it’s been playing out the last few years?

Oh wait? Maybe someone had read one of several of my posts over the past couple of years?!

Wow, things go quiet on the plagiarism front in the news media and then two cone asking at once!


Why do they have to bring racism into absolutely everything. It is to the point that tokenism is expected now. There may well be an element of what they claim but at the end of the day awards should go to those who are good. If one race is not good one year you should not include races purely because you think you have to. If they had done this with me I would be offended. I would feel like I was included not because I did a good job but because they felt like they had to.

I would not want to be one of those people and I am pretty damned sure that the actors in question would not want to be the ones put forward for these bad tokenism gestures either. That I would bet upon.

Maybe there is a problem with who is being picked and maybe it is just a case of ratios as it is likely there would be more white actors nominated if they make up 90% of the actors in a given industry.

I would not pick to see a movie based upon what race the lead actors are, though I am put off it it looks like en over extreme case of tokenism mind you.

But, hey? If you want to lose money just so you can walk around with a stupid award then feel free.

Oh, you might of guessed that I am not a fan of these events or awards either so bear that in mind before making any judgement calls on what I say. A load of over-paid liars, that is what they do for a living … ACT, patting themselves on the back and giving out awards to the best … well, liars. Lol.

I do not find it infuriating, I just find it funny, lol.

But I will call it what it is and in this instance I find this race thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

One of my favourite actors is Donnie Yen! Because he can excellent at martial arts and he can bloody well act too! He can be an annoying cocky twat in some films and yet play a humble Ip Man in others.

#StarringJohnCho highlights Hollywood’s ‘whitewashing’ –


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