I just posted about the deal between Google and the NHS over access to medical records in the very last post.

As stated it is quite bizarre that my main blog, with 100,000 visitors and rising faster but with all the other peculiar numbers, is Google hosted and my blogs feature the NHS … a lot! Google suddenly having a deal to access all medical records for something to do with a kidney issue look suspect. As there would likely be less than 10% of records with the data they claim to be looking for. AT a wild guess.

Now Blogger has some serious, serious issues and two of these are bad enough to cost you a great deal of visitors … trust me on one of them I wont get into … I just know my stuff!

The other one is the fat that there Android Blogger App is broken and has been broken for over 3 years and they have NEVER fixed it, despite all the updates that do not do anything remotely visible to many people’s experiences.

If I do a post you naturally type your tags, though Google tried to rename these labels, into a section. Only when you publish the post the tags vanish. Odd I I can copy and paste the tags from the field you input them over to a WordPress post if I need to.

This, along with the also screwed formatting, does not get corrected by me for a minimum of 10 hours and maybe up to 58 and possibly on rare occasions more.

Over half of my 2,900 odd posts I imagine were done using the Android app so you can take a wild guess at the number of visitors I have lost … A LOT!

Then there is also the stupid 200 character limit on their tags … SORRY, labels. Think you can think up a combination of words or phrases people may use in s search term to find things you post about? FORGET IT!

Oddly enough I can use far more tags in WordPress and there seems to be no limit … so how is it, you may well ask, that the Blogger version of this blog is still and always has attracted way more visitors that WordPress but the latter gets far more followers and like?!

That is mathematically … somewhat bizarre I must say.

There is obviously some rhyme or reason to it but I am at a total loss to even take a guess at what this is.

So back on track … I just did the post about Google and the NHS and obviously the tags … SORRY, labels would be missing. I go to log in to copy and paste them over from here when I get this following screen for the very first time ever …

Blogger STOPPED!

Blogger STOPPED!


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