I first saw this report several days ago.

Of course the possible links regarding this very bizarre report about Google getting access to everyone’s medical records sprang out like hunted Gazelles on an African Savannah.

Even the report .. reports on it being odd.

Google wants access, or has access, to everyone’s medical records VI’s the NHS. Apparently it had something to do with kidney problems. Sorry I only skimmed it.

Firstly why would you need everyone’s medical records for such a specific thing?

Secondly, should they not ask patients for their approval of allowing a company, especially one chasing world domination, access to such personal files? Doctor and patient confidentiality and all that?

Now then … onto the links …

This blog, or the original blog if this is WordPress, is on Blogger which is owned by none other than … Google.

This blog has a hell of a lot to do with the NHS and corruption along with claims as well as the proof of falsifying test results and medical records by said NHS. I’ve been posting about that a couple of months short of four years.

Which means Google will, or has, access to mine.

The one I’ve posted about for years.

Odd that, don’t you think? Could it be they want to check my claims?

Could it be that someone is trying to close me down without the balls to approach me directly?

It’s far less odd than Google needing every single British persons medical records when what they claim to be doing is linked to some kidney affliction?

So then .. I spotted the link.

So they might be looking into my records? Because someone’s trying to close me down and Google are checking my claims? Whether this is because they want to defend me or the opposite and getting a pay off or favour for finding some evidence to close me down?

What an I thinking of this possibility?

Meh … whatever!

There is nothing to find … other than the details I’ve explained and the alterations and omissions as I described them.

Could be totally wrong but it would be an odd thing for Google to want access to anyway and for whatever reason. But the fact that a specific thing is … umm specified that might only involved 10% but likely a lot lower?

So once again, why everybody’s medical records? Why not only the ones with the kidney problem?

Well I suppose if we are going to find out I imagine it will be inside of three months. Three being the magic number in these things.

Google’s NHS data deal ‘business as usual’ says Prof –

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