I left the house without a bike today, despite the great weather.

I over did it yesterday cycling around 16.5 to 17 miles when I was only used to around 6 miles lately.

I went to a friends pet store and took a couple of pictures and showed them my new Nikon P900 camera.

I then decided to go to a local wood to see if I can get some shots before I then went home to do some household chores.

It was a lot warmer than I expected it to be, still no snow Met Office, and realised that even with my half sandals I should have been in shorts and without my waistcoat!

At one point I saw a couple of Wild Violets just sitting there beside the path and crouched down with the new camera to get some shots …



My new camera was attached to my quick release bracket system, hook attached to camera clips into this caribiner type clip attached to a shoulder strap that runs up and down between user designated points in the strap. So you can just grab the camera from your side and bring it straight up to eye level.

I stood up using my walking stick but the other hand holding my camera, not feeling to sure the quick release system was set up correctly.

As I reached the full standing position I could feel a light headedness and my postural hypotension coming on. It got stronger and I thought it would be over any second. But it continued to gtet stronger and I started to wonder if this was actually going to stop this time around?

It got stronger still and I was blacking out, I put my feet and legs into a goat clamping position, its a martial arts thing, and then could feel my legs giving way but my stance managing to help the dwindling energy to keep me upright.

I grabbed a wooden log fence with both hands as I could feel a really warm tingling engulf me up to my head and everything went completely black.

I started to come to, my head tingling like crazy and realised I was slumped against the fence. Once I realised what had just happened I was relieved I was in some woods no one ever goes but then wondered what would happen had I stayed unconscious?!


I was holding onto this …



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