When is your blood pressure dangerously high?

I have wondered that question many times over the past 6 months to a year. I mean I know that over 180 for Systolic and over 110 for Diastolic you should go straight to hospital … but is it really that necessary?

Well after a really bad day two days ago and killing myself on a too long bike ride yesterday I was feeling a bit strange this morning.

I saw the pouch my blood pressure monitor resides in and thought I would test mine.

Blood pressure should read around 115 and about 80 or 90.

Anything over 140 is Stage 2 Hypertension and anything over 180 for the higher figure and 110 for the lower figure you should go to hospital.

As you can see it is 185 and 124.

Sooo…do I phone an ambulance? Because getting to hospital will raise my blood pressure no end!

This is in the morning by the way, not been outside, not done any exercises or anything.

If you have not been on here before there are several other blood pressure takings but despite hitting over 170 a lot and 179 just a few days ago this is the first time I have measure it at over 180.

So what do you do?

I mean that as far as I know the higher blood pressure is supposed to have an adverse effect on your body but this is over time.

How long a time?

Is it a few days?

A few weeks?

A few months?

A few years?

When does it really become immediately dangerous?

Hmm Web MD states damage to brain, eyes and kidneys? Funny that as when I get the postural hypotension, probably because of the massive drop from the high blood pressure, I get a pain behind my eyes. Something I keep forgetting to mention to my GP because of my Fibrofog but may well be on the printout of forgotten stuff I handed to them recently?

But then I do not remember what I put on it!

Anyway I did a video of it, just for the records. Lol. Well you never know when something fatal might occur?

So with the Postural Hypotension my blood pressure can go from 185 over 124 to as low as 80 or lower over 60 or lower in seconds annnnd BOOM! LIGHTS OUT!


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