Well would you look at that?

It suddenly looks like they are not only warning that the UK is heading for an economical slump and contraction but some are staying we may already have done so?

Well sorry but this was too obvious just as the recession was obviously coming, in my mind, four years before it arrived!

Oh ask any of my family and friends and they will tell you I foretold the recession and they all said I was crazy and would never happen. After it did occur I would then be regularly asked my views and predictions.

Every now and then I’d still get someone disagree and I’m sideways proved right.

Don’t get me wrong, I do get it wrong. It’s very rare and I hold my hands up to it when I do.

But then the majority of the time I know when I’m right.

Getting on for nearly four years and my predictions have still managed to come to be, despite how often I would wish I was wrong.

Oh how often I wished I was wrong!

How long will this contraction go on for? Hard to say. Could get another one consecutively, meaning the hated ‘R’ word in politics starts being mentioned again, or be on and off as I originally thought it would be?

I guess over the next year we will find out if I’m right or not?

UK economy ‘near stalling’ as service sector slows – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36210323


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