Funny that story linked below.

I had to laugh about a couple of aspects of it.

On the hottest day if the year and I was overdressed with a t-shirt on and the Met Office had issued an amber alert for snow.

For the last couple of years they have been getting it wrong fat more often than they got it right, despite the cost of a new computing system at £55 Million, give it take a million or two.

What’s funny about it is that it took forecasting heavy snow on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year for anyone to take notice!

“A technical error” is what they said was wrong.

Had this technical error been going on for a couple of years then?!

I was quite surprised at how wrong they got it this time though.

Lost track of the heat waves and icy blasts of snow that have not occurred in previous summers and winters. Now we have a heatwave that seems to have showing you without warning?

Oh, wait? They did warn us … ABOUT SNOW! LOL!

Been hearing about those terrible fires in Canada. Really scary sounding that and I feel fit all those that have list their homes.

I notice there have been a lot of large fires the last few years across North America and now Canada, not forgetting Australia.

It suddenly occurred to me that these fires that have occurred on such a vast scale have to have an effect on global temperatures? Funny how no climate scientists have mentioned this or factored it into their equations.

These are just the fires in three countries that I can think of, off the top of my head. How many others have there been?

They want to preach to us regarding global warming or climate change and the can’t get the weather anywhere near close to being right within 24 hours of it occurring!


Thought being fed?

Met Office ‘mistakenly’ issues snow warning – on hottest day –


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