I simply could not believe my eyes as I pulled this story out of the BBC NEWS App.

A 12 year old boy called Ryan Morse has died and they are accusing Doctors for his death?!

Two Doctors are accused of this traffic death and surprisingly it’s in Wales.

I knew this day would come when someone would die and their Doctors being accused and the story reaching the mainstream news media.

Dad that it’s a child, it really is.

Never thought it would take place in Wales either and thought it would be in London or perhaps another major city in England.

I stated from the very start of my blog that there would have been deaths but one day one would hit the news.

I am willing to put money down that there were deaths previous to this as well as there being more to come.

I am leaning towards thinking that because it was a child that it managed to hit the mainstream news. Which doesn’t necessarily mean, quite unfortunately, that children have not died beforehand because if the NHS. I also think now while in typing I suppose it should have been obvious to me that it would inevitably be the death of a child to be the first story I’ve been predicting for four years to be exposed to the nation.

I only hope now that at the end of it all there were not too many deaths, especially of children.

But it also must be understood that, depending on the symptoms being experienced, refused and neglected for years is also extremely inhumane. Because as well as the pain and possible embarrassment your while life can potential be destroyed or turn into a living nightmare because those you know secretly think your making it all up.

Two doctors accused of manslaughter of Brynithel boy, 12 –


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