Well I have not got my Ramipril … still.

I forgot to mention this, dammnnn yoouu Fibrofog, but wheen I got my repeat prescriptions and my seemingly wonderful new drug, Methocarbamol, they or I forgot my Ramipril pills that are for my very high blood pressure, or Hypertension Stage 2.

I was then asked by the chemist for my HC2 certificate they previously said I did not have to produce, no problem, I thought, as I know exactly where it is. While sitting there waiting I then started to wonder if my HC2 was still in date or not? It was April and my brain was telling me the HC2 might run out in April. Then it started to think that maybe it was January?!

Anyway I got home and went straight to its hidey hole … except they were not there, I have five and keep them together.

I think I mentioned I then decided to contact them to get a copy or new HC2, then thought just go and get the damned form. Jobcentre did not have any, “That’s great …” I said “…your website tells me I cannot apply on-line and I have to come and get a form and you don’t have any!”

I got one from my GP Surgery.

I am about to buy an important new tool that will, or should, get some amazing content throughout the next 6 months. I am focusing on that which is very hard for me to do.

I am still waiting for the HC2 to arrive in the post, but have since found the old number in a notepad and will take that and the new one down to the chemist later this week. Hopefully.

Every single year I tell the people who give out the HC2 that I have many pains and more importantly a very bad memory, this thing IS issued by the NHS after all. I tell them that I also live alone, tend to lose things, forget things and I need to be reminded by them to fill in a form when it runs out.

The whole fucking HC2 thing is a complete morons cock-up! It is a waste of time because they are trying different ways to get money out of people they do not deserve and have no fucking right to!

Added to this and as I stated to some health professionals and chemists … the bloody certificate is the size of an A4 sheet of paper?! Why? Just, WHY?!

This is for people who have lives dealing with health problems, disabilities and such like and are going to have a lot of things to deal with on a daily basis to remember the dates of the certificates issued by the NHS. Some of these patients will  have memory problems and loss, like me, and people with Alzheimer’s Disease and maybe even other Fibromyalgia sufferers will have memories worse than mine.

So why does an NHS department that issues these things that clearly have computers not have a reminder to send out to patients?

If the thing cost money you could bloody bet your arse they would be sending out  reminders, they are such chumps and they have no idea how obviously corrupt most, if not all, their departments are.

I mean … why the size of an A4 piece of paper? Your not going to take that with you everywhere are you? Your going to put it away in your house somewhere, which means you could easily have mislaid it.

Why not a card, its only a bloody number on it, why not make it small enough to keep in an invention everyone has been using for over 100 years? A bloody wallet!

You can pay for your bus and train rides using a plastic card but the NHS cannot put a number on a credit card sized card?!

Anyway I did a blood pressure test … it was high, lol …

I also found a little video I forgot I did to show/prove that I sent my DVD of evidence on the NHS off to a solicitors that said they could and would take on my case and sue the NHS.

Only the video below that envelope I posted in a post box with a first class stamp around 11am and around 6pm that same day and long before the DVD would have arrived I got a phone-call from an icicle.

The icicle told me that they would not be taking on my case but they would do me a big favour and close the case for me. Well that made a world of difference, I will go and buy my new camera I should have bought a year ago with that help they gave me.

Funny how they want two arms and a leg for speaking for an hour but saying no to you and closing a case they make it sound like they just gave you a cheque for an arm and two legs?! LMFAO!

Anyway I thought I would upload it to my YouTube channel just as an excuse to chat about it, use some tags regarding the legal system and get noticed by anyone with an interest in how the British legal system sucks camel’s arse?


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