Jesus Christ.

I’ve supported Spurs since the mid 1970’s and that’s forty years.

In all that time we’ve never been champions and haven’t been since 1961.

Imagine my broken heart when this year we manage to best every team that’s ever been above us only to be pipped at the post by a team that’s never been above us?!

Are old rivals Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester Untied, Manchester City and Liverpool all finish below us in the same season. But we still haven’t won that elusive Premier League title?!

I’m pleased for Leicester City though and I can’t think of another team I would rather have won it outside of Spurs.

Hmm had things gone differently Leicester is an area I could have moved home to? But it didn’t go differently, at least not yet.

It’s nice to see someone out of the normal ones to win it, though technically Manchester City are still not really ‘normal’ and only started winning recently.

But then this note reminds me that we have watched yet another team in a long line sneak up and run away with the title that are not the norm and not as big a club as Spurs. Everton, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City and now Leicester City unless I’ve missed any.

On the plus side we have finished higher than the highest I’ve ever seen them finish before, and if memory serves me correctly it was third place and in 1985? If I also remember correctly and more bad luck for my team, English teams were banned from European football back then?

So we couldn’t profit from the games that would have allowed us to build upon the team.

Still we finally got higher than that. If I was cynical, yeah despite my miserable blog posts and negative outlook (hey, I didn’t start all this, they did lol) I won’t state it will take another thirty years to win the Premiership! Believe it or not.

Unless our manager leaves or is, as normally happens, or is stolen by another club, looking at you Real Madrid and Man United, and they use him to win it, I think we’ll win it soon.

Same applies to all of our players.

But you would have to be mad to leave, especially for another club … well provided Mauricio Pottecino, Poccetino I never remember lol, stays! He had got to such a good place at Spurs he would be mad to leave too!

You can’t just walk into a club, even a giant one with massive pockets, and succeed. Not straight away, though he came close this time I have to admit, though it’s the second season.

Spurs can only improve and as everyone states, including Claudio Ranieri and other pundits have stated, it will be nigh on impossible to repeat that success at Leicester City. Even finishing in the top four the next time around would be a surprise.

Unless of course that still the money spending and stars just going where the money is had had its time and burnt itself out.

It is odd how fans expect so much and even being successful is not enough for them. I heard Arsenal fans rear demonstrating over Arsene Wenger not challenging for the Premier League title for too long… except…they are third!! Third?! Not challenging for the title by finishing third?

I’m thinking Arsenal fans are disrespectful and not very smart?

Even I have to admit to the brilliance that had give on at Leicester City and I always thought Claudio Ranieri was and is one of the best managers in the world.

I thought Chelsea’s owner, Abramovich, was an idiot, well is in a number of ways, for getting rid of Claudio. I always hoped he would end up at Spurs and he has proved me right in the best possible way.

If my old footballing friends are reading this … I fecking told you!

I was disappointed in Mauricio Potteccino’s appointment and I could not have been more wrong about him if I’d tried! Though admittedly i one nothing about him but a manager who was in charge of a Championship side, second tier? Seemed mad. But he priced me wrong, is an extremely good manager and if he repeats what he just did and betters it, next year, he would have proved himself one of the top two or three managers in the world. Never thought I’d ever day that about him!

Only Guardiola going to Manchester City could end up being better than Poccetino and Ranieri.

So Arsenal fans? You want rid of Arsene Wenger? I hope you get your wish because I would be a lot less worried about an Arsenal team without Wenger for the foreseeable future!

I’d only be worried about Guardiola, Ranieri and possibly the special one at Manchester United, unless he’s lost his sparkle and not so special any longer? Five games into next season should give us big clues?

So we came second? A shame and hats off to Leicester City for what they achieved and a hearty well done.

I do actually feel pretty confident that we might actually end the over fifty year wait and actually win it next year or the year after?

Provided the manager stays, of course. Though it’s possible if Man Untied poach Mauricio we could end up with Jose? Not necessarily a good thing in my eyes but if it happens I hope he proves me wrong.

Leicester City win Premier League title after Tottenham draw at Chelsea –


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