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So right now you would have seen the recent posts listing my conditions of two back problems, Fibromyalgia and the hundred odd symptoms and my right knee with some others.
If you followed the DWP war I had along with Atos you will also have noted that when I finally beat the DWP I did so by asking for tall the medical information they had on me.
Because I knew they would burn it. They had to have promised GP’s and nurses this for them to omit certain things in their medical letters. All looks good on papers filed away in a chunky report. Until someone smarter than them actually asks for it all at just the right time.
Two months after the period they were mean to answer, by law, their legal department rings me and tells me that she has been through every department and cannot find any medical records on me. Nothing.
I expected this and had gambled on it.
I then asked both the DLA department and PIPs department that I knew they were holding falsified documents, done by GP’s across the whole of the UK and had a plan set in place to burn them as a safeguard that a Doctor cannot be either sued, or struck off.
It is bloody obvious there was a contingency plan in place, i just had to figure out what it was and how I could trip the trap.
A got a phone-call the next morning at 9AM. The PIPs department, I am told not to worry they are sorting it out. A week later a years back pay, should have been EIGHT YEARS, is paid into my bank account! £4,300 odd.
Job DONE!!
But I said I had proof that they had my medical records?
Wanna see one? LMFAO …
Look at who it is to at the top of the page.
Note that it states I take Tramadol but does not list the back pain, Tramadol does not work on Fibromyalgia, everyone knows this.
It fails to mention the nausea at the bottom but does at the top? Maybe hoping everyone concentrates on the list at the bottom and does not read the top? Remember these legal idiots patronise you for not reading their emails when it turns out every single time that they have not read your!
Nothing about my physically damaged right knee, except in those NHS Ultimate Breakdown posts there is a letter from a previous Doctor Huq, three Doctors previous to this one, and she states knee pain. Probably my back pain too, go look. Compare what is stated.
I have Dr Huqs letters and forms to the DLA as well. The DWP lied and told me they did not pay me because Dr Huq did not fill out the form correctly. She went mad at the accusation when I handed her the letter and she read it.
She called them liars and that is when she told me that everything I said and suspected was bang on the money. Oh, surprise, surprise! Lol.
No severe heartburn from hiatus hernia.
No sudden vomiting from Oesophagitis.
Nerve pains? Do not know what that is.
Just two simple documents, two simple letters that do not match each other and neither one matches up to the diagnosis I have in my recordings. When I say I recorded everything I really do mean that I recorded everything. As well as the lies about the different things I can show that diagnosis can suddenly and inexplicably disappear.
One minute you have it, then you don’t.
Two areas of back, right knee and two areas of groin. That is five things I can think of and these are the major ones, the important ones. Any other just add a little more fuel to the furnace each time they pop up.
But anyway … things are missing and it does not match up to a previous letter and has three important things missing…
GP Records

The other letter can be found in one of the two posts where I published a lot of documents and recordings either in here …

..or here…


My Bad!!

It seems there was a second part of this letter I posted here and it does list my prescription medication, though several were added later and one is missing.

It gets bettr than this because if you look at it … suddenly I have a hernia that when I claimed I did have it to a previous GP  two years back he claimed I did not and that I was mad! He then refused to listen to the tape.

THAT is on tape!

Dr Gubbay arguing with me that the letter stating my ultrasound on my groin was clear, when it had a large black lump on one side that stings and aches and a new hernia on the other side. Him then telling me he is concerned for my mental health so I tell him I will bring in the tape in a weeks time and he can listen to it and see for himself. He asks the same question he did when I offered him the private x-rays of my back, Dr Huq already quitting over them and me. He says … you can work this one out …

“What do I want to LOOK AT THAT FOR?!”

Odd as my previous GP to him actually asked me to hand them in to her for her to look at. Then she quit … took my x-rays too.

This one being sarcastic with me about why he would bother to look at them.

That argument about the tape is itself taped. The irony of it all. No a new medical record they were previously denying re-appears!

Following GP I am only with seven months as NHS ring him and tell him I have been recording. Oops, I have been recording for three years already, LOL!

There is another possibility that the Inguinal Hernia diagnosis has appeared on this list …

I have stated many times that my present, now previous, GP I got on with and I like him. I told him everything about me and the NHS, previous GP’s my recordings, my blogs as well as everything going on with my daughter and helping out on a court case. Financially too. He even asked if I had heard from my daughter at the very last appointment we had together.

He is bemused I have never been contacted.

The other possibility is that he believes me and placed the diagnosis there himself?

GP Records 2


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