I see this BBC report about some people calling disabled Liverpool FC fans at a match ‘benefit cheats’. This is because these Liverpool FC fans and others spotted wheelchair bound fans leaping out of their chairs during a game at Anfield?


What is it with people?

I worry that a large percentage of people that come here have these attitudes?!

#Facepalm, #Facepalm, #Facepalm them bangs my head against a solid brick wall in my head!

What do you need? Diagrams?

Whenever I have an ailment flare up, bit the ground, crash into magazine tracks or some other shelving I wonder if I need to have to go over to those I embarrassingly collapsed in front of and ask them for their contact details as witnesses?

How about when I suddenly throw up?

Start limping from either of my feet, back or groin pain?

How about a film of myself hobbling asking with a walking stick?

But these complete idiots and onto the very public internet where anyone in the world in any country and potentially everyone, if your not careful, can see you as the mindless, brain-dead dick that you are?

I see these mistakes happen all the time and often repeatedly from the same people. Serial trolls acting out their sad fanboy rages towards others don’t don’t comply to their views.

Mobile phone manufacturers, CPU chip manufacturers, GPU chip manufacturers. The list goes on. They get banned and cone as under a different name like no one can spot them. I’ve seen them change names quickly and have arguments with themselves, just to try and draw in other victims.

Jesus, I high these people are just so sad, spending hours every day working for free to promote this company or they company. Pathetic.

Then you have these morons that seem to think that if you did away with the welfare state the entire country’s troubles and finances will be solved overnight and the UK will enter into some kind of ‘golden age’?!

Are you seriously that stupid, demented and have such a very low IQ that you actually believe that utter bollocks?!

You need to do courses on maths and politics then as you a clearly clueless! Hmm, what was that guy’s Twitter name?

It also needs to be pointed out to them what the two figures are, what is spent on the welfare state and how much the UK owes asking with who is to blame!

It also needs to be pointed out that despite this dinosaur sized gap between the two figures that private rent prices, house prices, have been allowed to rocket with no attempt to resign it in. So it’s not the fault of disabled people that rents are so fucking high!

So go and bio some research and use the calculator on your phone, Windows or Mac-OS. It’s just a couple of webpages along with some calculator button tapping to prevent yourself either looking like a demented moron with a low IQ score or your one of the extremely amoral crowd.

If it’s the latter you should be given a good kicking so you know what pain feels like and then reminded that we feel like that or worse for every single day of our lives.

So what are you?

Low IQ or amoral?

Oh and if you think there is some ‘golden age’ to be had by getting rid of the what’s state? What a twisted and deluded illusion you hold?

What you will get is two million plus people, it’s not just unemployed that get benefits you idiot, gradually turning to crime. It’s survival mate!

Some will give in quicker, if they have children especially, while others will take longer but they will all give in eventually.

So after a couple of years what sort of country would you be living in? Don’t you think you might end yo with your home or car, if you have one, or bike nicked or burgled every other month?

Jesus Christ! Think about things before you speak or type! Please remember the Internet is bloody global, not something only your mates down the pub can see!


Criticism of wheelchair-using Liverpool fans ‘disappointing’ say charities –


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