It has been a long time since I published any details regarding my symptoms and findings for people with Fibromyalgia that come here.

So I did a list, and I included my other odd symptoms, a detailed breakdown of the condition along with the drugs I take as well as those I am supposed to take.

Remember and for those that do not know or narrow minded, regardless of what you read or find there is only one single solitary drug that works on Fibromyalgia and all of its symptoms. Just one for all potential 200 symptoms.

As anyone with Fibromyalgia will tell you, including those I am told never get out of bed at all, it is a horrid condition. Just think about it, any number up to a potential of 200 symptoms? Think about what having quarter of these symptoms must be like?

In my case I get over half of them!

There will be people far worse than me!

I learned how to deal with my own condition and later found out that this is what they tell sufferers to do, like cycle and light exercising.

Unfortunately and for well over ten years this caused hell in my life as family and friends thought I was making things up. A couple years back I bumped into a nice Scots fellow online, now on my Facebook list, who had the same condition with the same effects on both family and friends.

Yet he had suffered for a couple of years. Two or three if I remember and that in itself is bad enough.

But imagine what 13 years is like?

I would LOL if the memories of it, what few memories Fibrofog leaves me with, were not so bloody bad. Lol.

Ailments list, Cause, on Medical records or not


  • Both Feet (Plantar fasciitis symptoms in reverse, Fibromyalgia) – ON RECORD

  • Metatarsalgia, left foot

  • Both Arches (Fibromyalgia) [two pains, one stab one ache] – PAIN ON RECORD

  • Both Ankles (Snapping, Achilles Tendinitis?) – PAIN ON RECORD

  • Right Knee (Physical Problem) _ PAIN ON RECORD

  • Left Knee (Less than right, Fibromyalgia)

  • Hips (Fibromyalgia)

  • Groin Right (Inguinal Hernia repair) – ON RECORD

  • Middle/Upper Back (Collapsed Discs) – PAIN ON RECORD

  • Base Neck (Osteopenia/Fibromyalgia Source region) – PAIN ON RECORD

  • Outside of right hand ache

  • Locking middle TOE left foot (Inverted) – PAIN ON RECORD

  • Night Cramps (Calves) – ON RECORD

  • NOTHING IN ARMS (Thank God)


  • Memory Loss (several daily, Fibromyalgia, Fibrofog) – ????

  • Vomiting without warning (Oesophagitis but Fibromyalgia though memory theory?)

  • Heartburn (Hiatus Hernia 20 yr, Fibromyalgia through memory theory?) – ON RECORD

  • Nausea Blacking out Standing (Postural Hypotension, pain behind eyes) – ON RECORD

  • High Blood Pressure (Fibromyalgia)[from hight to low above-blackouts] – ON RECORD

  • Sensations of seizures (normally when standing but while falling asleep lately)

  • Insomnia (dogged for over five years, OK last year) – ON RECORD

  • Get tired in Body

  • Mind always on the GO


  • Skin Conditions – ON RECORD

  • Scalp Condition – ON RECORD

  • Oral problems (an ace) – ON RECORD

  • ‘Too embarrassing to mention’ problem (bleeding) – ON RECORD

  • Diarrhoea – ON RECORD

  • Constipation – ON RECORD


  • Feeling, irritation above right eye (feels like lump)

  • Varicose Veins

  • Tight feeling hamstrings

  • Aching calf muscle, right leg

  • Occasional shaking hands

  • Heart Palpitations

  • High Cholesterol


  • The number is unimportant but there were in excess of 100 when I went though a Fibromyalgia checklist of 200 symptoms

  • There is another more complete list that exists on this blog from a couple of years ago, do a search on Fibromyalgia is your interested

  • Had periods of depression and anxiety I just remembered so there are two! Lol.

  • Symptom does not always mean pain!


  • Methocarbamol (for back pain, latest and seems to be very, very good!)

  • Tramadol (for Back Pain)

  • Gabapentin (for Fibromyalgia)

  • Amitriptyline (for Fibromyalgia)

  • Atovastatin (High Cholesterol)

  • Ramipril (High Blood Pressure, still 170 give or take)

  • Lansoprazole (heartburn, had many different types)

  • Metoclopramide (for nausea)

  • Quinine Sulphate (for Night Cramps)


  • Sodium oxybate (only drug that provides RESTORATIVE SLEEP, i.e ONLY DRUG!)

  • Milnacipran (research shows it has better effects on the pain in Fibromyalgia)

  • Pregabalin (modern version of Gabapentin not meant to cause illness, nauseas side effects)

  • First one not allowed, except for Narcolepsy

  • Second and third NOT APPROVED?!


Completely forgot about these lately as had no issues, 48 hours after typing this had pain putting kettle on one morning!

  • Pain on Upper Side Shoulder Joint (raising arms more than 10 degrees)

  • Lump feeling Under Side Shoulder Joint (arm pit, wearing pullovers or even t-shirts)


  • Had Costochondritis (You really, really do not ever want to have this and I constantly fear its return, when I do manage to remember I had it! Hurts like hell the more you breath in more than around 33%, wondered if oxygen would help?)


  • Kink in the central nervous system I the neck

  • Gets kinked even further, physical injury, whiplash

  • Scrambles signals to brain (does not CREATE signals, i.e, MAD)

  • Loss of restorative sleep

  • Any combo of all bodily functions not kept in check

  • Prognosis is this will get a lot worse getting into older years

  • Had it twenty years

  • Asking about it 13 years

  • Doing fuck all about it now and as it is getting worse!

So this is only part of the reason I spent 15 years keeping records and the last 8 recording everything and the last 3.5 years publishing most of it on here.

I believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is just the early symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and therefore the same thing. Because one seems just like the other but with a longer list of symptoms.


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