Anyone reading this that had been coming on here during 2015?

Anyone remember a certain little ongoing court case that supposedly got to its end and then dragged on and on until November and my claims of publishing some of the court paperwork went south for the winter?

Anyone remember I contacted some news media organisations about it and one called me on my mobile within thirty minutes, spoke for an hour or two and then never contacted me again?

If you did, disappointing wasn’t it?

Not even ten percent of how annoying it was for me?

Made me look like a loon. Made me look like a liar. A madman!

Yeaaah well …

I do not know what happened. I do not know if I got both sold out and disowned down to an agreement to the thousands in damages awarded? Ahem, an understatement right there.

I do not know if a certain someone was literally scared off away from me in some way?

I do not know whether or not a got sold out for an evil mother or even another guy?

It does not get talked about in my life. I avoid the subject like the proverbial plague. I do get asked every now and then and I get sarcastic comments if I ever have to skirt the subject, like I am speaking about Police corruption or Council corruption and at times even the Immigrant Crisis.

Yeah there were some pretty big reasons why I have posted the things I have said and I have very good reason to and then some in each and every case that I do. But these can mostly be put down to feelings and hot tempers but they are what I felt and therefore I wanted to post them up.

As someone left a nice comment on my YouTube channel saying very recently, I am very honest.

But I do not tell it all, because it could be foolish to do so and possibly hurtful for someone to do so and I still have to think about those things.

Even if it continues to make me look like a liar and/or a madman.

I just have, or rather had, to hope that I had enough on here for visitors, readers and followers to realise I was not any of those things.

I have plenty of things I could have posted to prove my point, or at least posted them currently as many were posted a couple of years back.

I also possess a file that not only proves this but it also contains the exact figure that was paid out!

But I never posted it and nor did I send it to any one, though I could have done at any point.

There were reasons other than protecting someone and that is that it would be interesting to see what each of those involved did in the meantime? When I say ‘those’ I mean several groups and even individual people.

That file still sits hidden away somewhere where it cannot be reached or got at!

For those that have not been on here long enough or never looked through my archives I will give you a rundown …

  • Case that involved three solicitors and two law firms on ‘our’ side
  • Case that involved Family, Civil, County, Criminal and Supreme Courts
  • Mainly in the North West of England
  • Three to four years in total
  • I financed to be sure that all appointments, meetings and court appearances were reached …
  • …and a lot on electricity bills
  • Wirral Council
  • Merseyside Police
  • The Criminal Prosecution Service
These were the main points of said legal case, whatever the truth turns out to be.
The only time I think I can safely publish things is when I am think that there enough people that become aware of the truth that will then tell people they know about the truth and that the final numbers would put the fear of God into my enemies to prevent them from shutting down my blogs … ahem, or me!
Here is a screenshot of a lot, but by no means all, of the evidence I possess.
Now remember I have always stated I have over 100GB?
Supreme Court
You did see my recent two posts with the NHS recordings available to download, listen to and documents to read? RIGHT?
EDIT: Those receeent screenshots are of evidence, NHS included, of a 500GB hard drive and I have a mountain of stuff on a 2TB, Terabyte, drive, just remembered. Damn this Fibrofog!

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