It states in the BBC report linked below that when asking if Europe is swinging to the far right over immigrants the reported argued it isn’t.


It is!

I think you got the word ‘swinging’ mixed up with ‘majority’?


Of course Europe is swinging to the far right. Whether or not this is fast or slow or will reach problematic levels is another matter entirely.


Oh dear. I couldn’t get a bloody career in several fields including writing?! Lol!

Funny too as I’ve stated for over three years now that this will happen and it will continue to happen.

The more that are let in the more Europeans and even British will have them living up the road or next door and the more people will swing to the right.

It’s pure common sense, realising the facts and simple maths, based on what has been going on for a fair old while. The migrant crisis and their attitudes to think they can do and go where they want is only exacerbating things.

Let certain groups do what they want and they will think they can act good they want which will be in conflict or just very different to those in the country they are running riot in. There no incentive not drive to get an integration period going on.

They are also given many, many things that the natives have been refused and in some cases refused several times over. Including the vulnerable, suffers of mental health, old people and disabled.

That last fact makes it ten times worse and serves to spread ill feeling and hatred.

I don’t know about other countries in Europe, or in general, but this is certainly true within the UK.

In fact for a long time I simply couldn’t believe they were doing this, British public services and government. Then I wondered how they simply did bit realise they were creating this feeling, heard evidence of that from others, but then stated to think …

.. Maybe they know exactly what they are doing?!

In other words forcing the ill feelings and fueling the hatred because when it’s bad enough they get the excuse to do that they wanted to all along? This way they don’t look like the racist ones as the term is loosely used for views that are either not racist and/or based on the truth.

I’m afraid I took a very much unwanted front row seat to this I don’t think I’ll ever get over?

Is Europe lurching to the far right? –


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