I was reading this report regarding the suspension of South Yorkshire’s Police Chief over things that weren’t on in this letters inquest.

It’s truly quite bizarre what went on. Apparently a continuation of a cover up went on including reusing statements that had been previously discredited?!

Chief of Police? Really? I take it he acquired the position based on something other than intelligence, common sense of wisdom?!

*sigh* I can’t say I’m too surprised to be honest. It’s funny I think I automatically react with ‘shock’ because I should and the things I read about are wrong? That’s so very sad.

However the urge to post about the outcome of this inquest was doubled when I spotted something that not only is equally shocking but ties in with something of a long running theme on my blogs.

In fact it’s a very current theme of this blog!

Now very recently I’ve been in contact with elements of one of my favourite industries. An industry I’ve long maintained is out of date and had been fit a very long time. Another industry where the people in it think themselves blessed with superior intelligence, calling or some other thing but when you get deeper into talks … sorry, I mean arguments that they show themselves up to be none of the things they think they are. What they are is aloof and over compensated with feelings of self importance and hypocrites.

I’ve lost count of the time they have been patronising and/or sarcastic about me not reading letters or emails when it was obvious from the first lines of the initial response that they did not read a fucking thing that I sent them.

It’s got to the stage now where your dealing with mealtime with a baby and your cutting the food up into manageable pieces and they still don’t eat it all and their half of it onto the floor.

So here is a tip, before your patronising and sarcastic make damn well sure your house ain’t made outta nothing but 4mm glass!

I am speaking, or course, is solicitors and those others involved in the legal industry.

What does this have to do with the Hillsborough disaster and inquest?

Maybe the line in the report..

“Lawyers for retired officers threw disgusting slurs”

..might have something to do with it?

If Police Officers, Members of Parliament or anyone in public office or other areas spoke like that, they themselves would be taken to court. So how is it that solicitors can get away with this inhuman and disgusting behaviour?

I’m saying that and I don’t even know what slurs were involved!

I might use much stronger words and go on a much longer rant if I knew what these slurs were?

Probably better I don’t know. The words ‘disgusting slurs’ is enough for me.

I’m also at a loss to understand how disgusting slurs are meant to sway a judge, panel or whoever presides over an inquest?

I’m at a greater loss to understand the level of intelligence of these solicitors that think disgusting slurs helps their case?

Is everyone I’ve contacted in the legal industry this amoral and brain dead?

No wonder no one seems to realise that having over 100GB of secretly recorded audio and documents is everything but an open and shut case!

Hmm … this method on reaching a conclusion could also apply to the news media in all formats. Because they were all contacted … all contacted, too.

Though admittedly they never received anything of that I have acquired since I started the blogs.

Why have I not sent anything to the news media since I started blogging and publishing my old evidence as well as that I have acquired as I went along?

Do you really need to ask?

Returning visitors that have been returning enough times and those that have dived into my archives or just noted one thing I started recently will say …

Well he stated from the beginning that everyone he ever contacts and everyone he ever asks for help will either not respond at all or say ‘NO’. Exactly as he predicted!

That and when you set out to do something like I do you have to …


Think about it. However do you show an entire industry as being corrupt or broken you have to show the entire industry as being corrupt and broken.

Doesn’t work if it’s just one of two as they are explainable with a couple of excuses. This is why I spent so long getting evidence on the NHS as I had to show it was rife and I was lied to about everything.

Now I get ‘ooh you left it too long’ even though I haven’t and have medical reasons as genuine excuses for the time taken.

If you think about it there was simply no other way.

Probably why that idiot accidentally replied to my email, and not forwarded it, and said ‘I don’t like this one’ referring to my case?

So really showing themselves up in the legal industry are they not?

Sometimes when I’m doing this they show themselves up before hand and other times it is afterwards but on this occasion it’s ‘during’!

Funny how it always comes together? Sometimes it happens very quickly and other times it takes a bit of time. Well in individual attempts at them that is.

So yeah, the legal industry?


South Yorkshire Police chief suspended over Hillsborough –


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