I see that many decades down the line, can’t help thinking of paedophile BBC celebs like Jimmy Savile right now, after one of the worst disasters in British history they finally decided those deaths of those poor people was unlawful?!

Better late than never really doesn’t apply for the first time ever as this should have been found out twenty years ago!

Someone I know that loves to defend the Police and Doctors, despite everything I’ve witnessed, won’t be happy.

I pretty much knew the outcome of this but they were convinced of the opposite. They really won’t like this.

I dared not say at any point what I thought the outcome was going to be as I would have ended up in an argument.

Not just those I deal with in the digital world and public services cannot see the wood for the trees as some I know do to.

I am embarrassed that this Hillsborough fiasco had taken this long and if I was abroad and a foreigner brought the subject up I would hide my head in shame. In fact if probably say …

“Spacken Ze Deutsch?!” and walk away? Lmao!

I’m glad that those involved for what they wanted but very sorry they had to wait so very long to get the truth out of everyone.

I could not possibly imagine what it must be like to to have injustices done to you to the point it destroys your life and then spend another couple of … decades … trying … so very … hard … WAIT A MINUTE?!


Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludes –


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