On this blog recently, like a couple weeks, the number of visitors tipped over the 100,000 mark.

It’s currently near the 101,000 mark.

It was a strange feeling. Kind of a good feeling that I’m getting out there to people, helping and advising people and the numbers are growing faster.

I would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone that has and are visiting this blog. Despite the fact I do it to help others. Oh and piss off a number … a big number of organisations.

Annoying them enough to change and hopefully see their own failures, weaknesses and what they are doing wrong.

I had been blogging about 3.6 years when it tipped over that particular milestone. I never knew whether I was doing good or bad, though that hardly mattered when you are helping others.

Today I happened upon a religious blog regarding the New Testament. I expect blogs based on main religions to grow very fast. Always, unless they are some obscure religion hardly anyone has heard of.

So when I realised through their own statements that they had reached the 100,000 mark in 4 years and 4 months I was surprised at my own numbers. Of course my number is only that of my Blogger blog and doesn’t include the numbers of my back up blog on WordPress.

The two perform very differently and the numbers have never made sense, other than to say they not many like Blogger/Google/Google Plus.

Because on WordPress I’ve had only around 5,500 visitors but dozens or hundreds of followers, cannot remember which, lol.

But on Blogger I’ve had a hundred thousand but only around 7 or so followers.

I don’t really concern myself with the numbers but could not help to notice the widening chasm between Blogger and WordPress.

I also cannot help but wonder how long it will take to get to 200,000?

Based on numbers I see but don’t focus on I know it will be a lot quicker but I’m actually going with less than a year? As the last time I looked some months ago I was achieving over 12,000 or more each month, but across all my webpages, blogs and YouTube channel.

Also it looked like I had reached 101,000 in about a week? Well once it tips over that figure. Sure it was less than a week ago but could be slightly more?

But this weekly and monthly figure should climb ever faster, in theory at least? So if it’s 15,000 per month now across ask pages it should be 20,000 or more each month in 6 months to a year?

So if my Blogger blog gets 10,000, give or take, now it could be getting 15,000 in 6 months to a year?

So in 6 months should have risen by at least 60,000 and as much as 90,000.

In a year this could be 130,000 to 280,000?

Depending on what I can blog about and content I am able to provide, though I can’t see that large figure actually happening. Lol!

Also there has been a couple of surprises, though I can’t go into them right now. There is something that had happened that may connect to something previous that happened which did not pan out the way I expected it to.

There is one single thing which is directly linked to me, my own actions and hopefully control but which had two surprises from the outset.

Possibly a very big surprise at the end?

If it gets going, that is and the jury is still out. Lol!

Hopefully I’ll have a busy summer with a new camera and decent weather at least half the time? Though it snowed in my town centre today. Yup, mid April and we had balls of snow coming down just outside London.


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