Right scrap those last positive comments, I should just stick to my instincts as they do not let me down, unlike countless arse-wipes out there that think themselves greater than they are.

Yesterday I had a series of phone-calls from these personal injury go between wankers that know fuck all about law and just play a numbers game, despite how bloody caring they make themselves out to be on their TV adverts!

Well one of them at the end when they said ‘No’ I said “Why did you even call me?!”

I really, really hate it when they ring. I told each and every SINGLE one of them that part of my condition involves memory problems and not only do I find it an absolutely boring chore talking to these personality-less chumps but it grating to try and remember things.

What makes it worse that these people that think they are all Stephen Hawkins have all been given all the necessary information but seem incapable of reading.

SO they obviously know nothing about law in which case should not be doing what they are doing, phoning you up for a fecking hour reading out questions from a script!

Well one of these phone-calls from a nice woman who was a Claims Advisor for Camps Solicitors surprised me. She actually said “YES, I think we can do this” I could not believe it. She said as long as I had the evidence I said I had and I said “Lady, it will be in the first class post first thing in the morning!”

It went in the post box about 10am. This morning.

Except around 6pm I got a call from them from a real ice-maiden who said “Sorry, we wont be able to take this case on!”

I couldn’t even be bothered to have a go at her, despite her icicle like demeanour!

I doubt the DVD I sent them, with 1.25GB of my best evidence, did not even make it out of the London area?

So now I have compiled some digital documents with a letter and I state that I DO NOT LIKE BEING PHONED! They do not like emails it seems, even giving them out on their website so I do not bother with those idiots, so I am telling them NO PHONING! Read the fucking documents!!

Anyway I was not going to mention about this Camps Solicitors until something concrete took polace and … well something concrete took place a damned site sooner than I had been given the impression of on the phone yesterday.

I should stick to my original views that no one will ever do anything … E-VER!


Here is the email where she gave the address and wanted me to send some of the documents, the others going via DVD in the post. Complete waste of an envelope and a first class stamp!


I know solicitors are really, really shit at IT but you would think they know what a blog is?

Oddly enough the website ‘’ seems to have the exact same address as Camps Solicitors? So they go by two or more names now?!

I have now contacted well over a dozen of these, I just contacted … oh, 12, lol. There was still one that said that they ‘might’ be able to handle my case after initially saying ‘no’ but not heard from them. Should try asking the right questions.

This was for the following case against the NHS and some falsifying of test results …



Hi Mr Haswell, please respond to this email with the documents in relation to the clinical negligence you have recieved. Our correspondance adderes is 1 Europa House, Conway Street, Birkenhead, CH414FT.

Thank you,

Melissa Neale
Claims Advisor – FRT
Fax: 0151 201 8090
N° 1 Europa House, Conway Street,
Birkenhead, Merseyside. CH41 4FT.


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