Well I have made an official complaint now to the Legal Ombudsman about Patient Claim Line and there members of staff.

Oddly I had completely forgot, as is so often the case, to also mention I had previously contacted The Law Society about all this a few days back. No reply as yet, wow now there’s a surprise!

Anyhoo just for sake of record and as always I am posting up the email I sent to the Legal Ombudsman.


Dear Sirs

Patient Claim Line/British Law/Legal System

I want to mainly complain about Patient Claim Line but the other listed above too.

I have been trying to get legal representation for several years now for medical negligence.

Now initially, as I was telling the truth, I thought this would be a simple act of acquiring a private medical report and then taking the NHS to court, but no. Everyone I contacted said I had less than a 50% chance.

Now with my many areas of pain I also suffer from memory lapses in a bad way.

So what I did was start out on a lengthy course of action to prove what I had wrong with me, acquire Doctors lying and to render this incontrovertible I had to not do this once, as it may well not have been enough judging from the initial response, but several times.

  • Prove my SEVERAL conditions
  • Prove they were lying SEVERAL TIMES
  • Re-approach organisations that talk themselves up like they can sue anyone

I did all of the above and then some.

Except Patient Claim Line were first both rude and patronizing and then when I pointed out a few things they insinuated I was lying and stupid.

However the one funny thing is I have a blog and on that I have maintained for 3.5 years that I was suspect that despite the adverts on radio, TV and newspapers no one has ever any intention of doing anything and that the whole British legal system is a farce and nothing but lies. (or does not matter).

It is absolutely shocking that no matter how long I am at this, how much I acquire as evidence on the NHS, and I have many other public services besides and am well known even with MP’s one of which used my data to attack Iain Duncan-Smith in January 2013, no one seems to appreciate the gravity of this and the highly serious nature of the crimes, almost like they are both known and accepted.

How can you wriggle out of acting after everything I have done? This makes most organisations, I am still looking, look like a front to make the British public believe that there are still avenues to take that do not actually exist!

Now I am going to copy and paste their last email to me, when I give them a breakdown of the times and dates.

I also need you to ask me that …

Why is it then when I have explained to ombudsman, GMC, NHS England and organisations such as these that I have all this proved several times over and have all these recordings that highly suspiciously no one has EVER asked me for them.

 So decisions made, like the recent I have less than a 50% chance, are done without viewing any documents at all or listening to a shred of my recordings and that when I challenge them on this they get even more rude and snooty than they did previously and move the goal posts for Statute of Limitation to 2 years instead of 3.

 Three years is hardly fair when it applies to the public and not organisations and when there is no legal aid and no organisations to truly help you or even understand that after spending several years I am disappointed and angry that with all my efforts and helping other for nearly four years, no one wants to get off their arses and help in any way at all?!

 I will send you copies of the emails with the follow up email, as I cannot copy and paste

 Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


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