Well here we go.

Another rude and patronizing email and my reply regarding Patient Claim Line.

Notice how they have now managed to move the goal posts and stating that with Statute of Limitation it is now 2 years and not 3? They act as a go between but completely failed to take into account that I had to decide WHEN I had enough proof, as they said no previously, how LONG it took to get all the proof and if they had bothered to look up Fibromyalgia, plus I FUCKING WELL TOLD THEM, I have memory issues that is well catalogued on my blog.

But no, according to them the best evidence in the world and all those reasons are not worth a Rat’s arse!

Now remember these are Doctors I am going up against, normally the ones you trust to give evidence in court cases? I am also up against the entire NHS too.

But without money, as I would not be fucking approaching these incompetent idiots, I am supposed to gather and acquire all the evidence with a year?! Are they fucking joking?!


They really need to stop speaking in a patronizing manner as normally to have the right to do that you first need to be intelligent! Lol.

Remember I said nothing will ever happen? 😉

Dear Mr Haswell

Your recent email dated 20th April 2016 timed 18:12 has been passed to myself to review.

Following your approach, and wish to become a client, a full assessment of all of the information that you provided to us was completed.  As per your email dated 25th March 2016 timed 17:52 you advised that you had ‘provided (us) with all the details’ of the intended case.

The decision was made, based upon this information supplied, that you had knowledge of any potential negligence in excess of 2 years prior to your approach to us.  When reviewing cases we usually need a minimum of 1 year until limitation expires to allow at least basic investigations to be made.  In one of your contacts with us you suggest that you have been asking about the condition for 13 years.  In another contact you suggest that you have been blogging for 3.5 years to help other perceived victims.  You also suggest that you have been recording consultations for the last 6 to 8 years.  This would suggest that any date of knowledge, from which limitation of 3 years would run, is more than 2 years ago; and in fact I believe much more than 3 years ago.

As a result of this your case does not fulfil our criteria in respect of an approach that we would accept.

As suggested previously, you are entitled to a second opinion, and as such I would suggest that you contact another firm of solicitors who may be able to assist.

Yours sincerely

Dawn Bowdler

Complaints and Compliance Solicitor

Patient Claim Line


Phone 03300 080 352
Fax 0871 971 1622
Patient Claim Line
Dukes House
34 Hoghton Street


Dear Dawn Badler

First off you seem to be implying that I am lying … oops, no.

You could have asked for the documents and proof yet again, but you did not. …

They are now all there with the dates. I did state that I have Fibromyalgia and that with that comes memory problems as well as all the pain? Did you miss that part? Not a valid reason, a medical fact, for the amount of time it took for me to gather all the evidence because organisations were too stupid, lazy or had no intention of acting on anyone’s behalf the first time around?

I know how the readers well see it.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in April, 2014. The argument and refusal of the drug I attended Guy’s Hospital for was weeks later, so two years but now your moving the goal posts.

Secondly I could not approach solicitors again until I had enough proof. I happen to know this because I tried before.

Knowing in my head and having the actual proof are not one and the same thing.

Also your now moving the goal posts…now it is two years because you need a year, well that is convenient, is it not?

Lastly a blog is an online diary. Something that many, especially patronizing ones, seem to miss. SO guess what is getting posted on the blog within seconds of reading this? Obviously you failed to pick up on my stating that my recent posting on my blog with the recorded evidence is going to hurt a lot of people.

Like I said …. my statement and my entire blog is based on the premise that no matter what you have … no one does or indeed has any intention of doing anything for anyone.

But I guess you missed that too?


Martin Haswell BSc


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