Hmm, didn’t know about this one.

It seems Google had been found out to be up to no good on several fronts by the European Union?

It had long been obvious that they have been rigging handsets in various ways and I’ve spoken about it often on here for a couple of years.

They have been found to be forcing certain software into handsets and desire the fact their software is ‘open source’ preventing others from producing operating systems based on its core components.

Bloody typical. A large company with millions starts using something created by someone else. Something that’s free and after making billions from this they start making moves and perform actions that come across like they own to. Anyone would think they invented the operating system?! Lmao!

People think of a hell of a lot of things as being created by Google but in fact were just bought by them and therefore invented by someone else.

Android was invented by someone else who used a core, free ‘open source’ software created by … erm, other people. Lol!

They should spend more of their time getting Android to work properly, it doesn’t and on some devices, such as this Tegra tablet, it doesn’t.

They are also going to get some grief from me over their totally stupid and incompetent limit on tags, or labels add they call them, for their Blogger blogs. 200 if the limit which rules out using sentences or phrases as search tags. Stupid morons.

That’s been costing me probably 30% of the number of visitors I’ve had this far from day one.

So the total for Blogger is likely over 150,000 but should be over 200,000 and even possibly over 300,000.

Putting tags on YouTube is akin to pulling your own teeth out with pliers and then some!

The BBC report below seems to be insinuating that Google might be found guilty on several counts?

There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, I hate more than a multi billion pound/dollar company that makes remarks to suggest they are there for you, the people, public or whatever when the truth is very much the opposite.

It also has me often wondering and worried that naive people, morons and my absolute favourite, idiot fanboys that have no life or brain cells all believe this trash?

I just hope it’s only a small percentage?

Google and other companies make it obvious by this droaning on about themselves in a manner that had me ‘heaving’, that they believed it’s the majority of the public that are stupid, naïve and/or made up of their own Lemmings, sorry ‘fanboys’. Otherwise they would not make these vomit inducing statements.

In other words they have been abusing their dominance and have been sneaky, badgering, bullying and forcing others to do things, of indeed not do things?

I would very much like to see smartphones using different operating systems but based on the Linux system. Especially the Moto X Force!

Google faces EU charge over Android ‘abuse of dominance’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-36092441


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