I wonder if anyone picked up in recent posts that I’ve been up to something?

Despite the various health flare ups that have increased in intensity as well as frequency exponentially these past few weeks.

Here is a BBC report that stated that someone, or several people, are going to take the … err someone or several people to court for lack of support by local authorities and others for people with mental health problems.

I wish them the very best of luck.

This could turn out to be the very proof of my prediction and warning about the actions of local authorities and public services of being the worst case of false economies mankind, or at least the UK, has ever seen?!

One of the many troubles with the easy things are run are the easy things are seen, dealt with and thought about from a financial perspective that’s wrong and well out of date.

The NHS tells the Doctors and Nurses on its register to lie to patients, refuse to refer them for treatment, tests and scans along with decent prescription drugs, to save money.

However … this only looks good at the end of the financial year.

Now let’s look at this another way… someone not healed or given the correct drugs is … hampered from slightly to seriously. No matter which level this is it effects their performance in many things. Including work and may prevent them from working altogether?! It happens more often than you might think.

So the NHS saves lots of money but local councils and the DWP have to start shelling out more money. This makes the fact that the evil trinity, as I call them, all conspire together. But only at the top of course.

So immediately with the outlays of welfare benefits alone it’s not actually saving money. Cost can be will over £10,000 each year. To save a few hundred quid on scans, treatments and the correct drugs.

Except it does not end there.

These two in the report are going to take people to court for the lack of support and possibly other things besides.

I am, and have been, attempting to do the exact same thing.

Others will do the same thing and many will succeed.

So in top of the benefits paid out some very large sums could be paid out in damages. Maybe even with me, except I very much doubt it as I stated from day one.

I can’t really loose if you think about it. If an organisation I approach every actually decided to take some action on my behalf I finally get to take the NHS and possibly DWP to court?

I stated from the moment I started the blog 3.5 years plus ago that I would never get someone to act on my behalf, regardless of how much evidence I acquire.

So each time someone says no they prove me correct on my blogs.

These are the government? We have been electing them into power for years and they are supposed to be mathematics. They are supposed to govern and manage all these things?

So why has no one ever seen these stupid incompetent actions to Dave money by lying to patients and the public in general about their health?

It’s moronic being words. Quite literally.

It’s plainly obvious that this was an extreme false economy from day one and yet they have done this for years, at least 13 or so, and still doing this to this very day.

Just as moronic and naïve is the lack of seeing the ‘left holding the baby’ problem by GP Surgeries and Doctors in general.

But they ask think they are sooo intelligent and sooo much more intelligent than any of us but cannot see the writing on the wall.

I am expecting a flood of these claims, except many will get as much or worse luck with this than I am.

Oh course seeing others succeed where you have not been able to get anywhere will be sooo frustrating and depressing for so many people the mind boggles.

Call for action over ‘hospitals seen as homes’ –


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