Hmm … an interesting one?

So the General Medical Council, the GMC, have decided to come out and say what I was saying from the beginning?

That strikes when your in the medical profession can and will cost lives … except … in a less direct manner?

Yeah well, Mr GMC, had you don’t the job properly that your tasked to do and address in both a professional and ethical manner when I contacted you this wouldn’t be happening right now!

Yes I had some run-ins with the GMC and they were both awful, lazy, stupid and did I insinuate unethical? No, well they were unethical!

They actually helped the NHS by repeating something I told them in confidence and their reading was moot. I made sure of that when I contacted them.

Except just like everyone else they did not act on my information and neither did they request one single scrap of evidence. As I said, just like everyone else.

Divine intervention.

It seems that when these people, but just the GMC but all Ombudsman, intend to do nothing they are so fucking intelligent that they don’t even think of asking for the evidence to make it look like they do!

Like everyone else … I tell them I have recorded evidence, letters, reports and even emails, more forms with other public services, but I don’t send anything to them. I wait for them to ask … actually that’s not true, I wait for them not to ever ask for any of it knowing damn well they won’t.

Because they have no intention of doing anything. None of them. Anything, at all. Well other than to break codes of conduct to give Doctors a heads up on his to stop me.

Yup … that part was intentional, lol.

I told the GMC that after what the GP said to me I would knock out guys teeth if he did it again, called me mad but then refused to listen to evidence I offered him and stuck up for Doctor that admitted he falsified tests.

The problem they have is two fold …

First I told them I had no intention of staying on their register, it’s the sensible and responsible thing to do, except I did go back there. I had to to get my prescription meds.

Only they had already sent a letter stating they were kicking me off for violent conduct and they were scared, I hadn’t received the letter, but I was accepted into the clinic on my own. No one accompanying me.

I didn’t get accused of being mad again and I did not bring up the recorded evidence.

It was obvious they lied, were all in on it and protecting each other, while being paid tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds each year in a position where they swore an oath to help and heal people.

Your taxes!

But I’m the criminal and the one in the wrong here?

Why did I feel like knocking his teeth out?

Well other than being told I was mad he refused to listen to my defence of the recording I had of a Doctor admitting he falsified the test result and even dictated a new letter to state that I DID HAVE an inguinal hernia on my left side and a black lump that hurts in the area on an inguinal hernia repair on my right. Phew!

The row with the GP arose when I told him the letter from the hospital stating I had a hernia was not the letter they were originally going to send. To my shock it turned out he didn’t send the dictated letter he did in front of me, ON TAPE, but sent the falsified one! After dictating the truth in front of me they still sent the falsified one.

For me, this … was … PRICELESS!!!

Except it wasn’t to anyone else as other than other victims, including one man of the cloth who thanked me, who have listened to it in my blogs?!

No one else has even expressed an interest in it and they damn well know it’s one 1GB file out of over 100GB of data and climbing.

Get yourself a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. Now stop and think that you were me and had these recordings?

Write down a list of who you would tell about these recordings.

Tabloids? TV News? MP? Ombudsman? How long would your national tabloids list be? Long, I imagine?

I told them all!

No one expressed and interest and only three tabloids out of a couple dozen actually acknowledged if sent them anything! That was it!

But I actually took a punt this would happen, so I sent every single one by registered post, cost me over £100 just for letters.

Not a single one showed one iota of interest.

Notice though his they all claim they are going down, bust, losing money and claiming it on the Internet? Lol!

Weeeeelllll …. your kinda right morons, but not for the reasons you think and insinuate!

So you can understand I find it only a little strange the GMC made a statement but … not direct and they are helping protect the corrupt NHS as they are corrupt to.

You simply cannot argue with me not outfox me. Not then, not since then and certainly not now!

The one thing I love doing is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to myself for a later, it even much later, date. Because when it comes down to that time I can refer back to my blog posts, and their associated dates, and say ‘well you were checking on me, I know you were …’ Well, DUH ‘… did you not pick up on this statement or that statement?!’

This would make them look like utter fools and serve as the final nails in their metaphorical coffins.

Oh dear. You didn’t really think it was over did you?

Sometimes I also make statements to see if something will happen, kind of incite a knee jerk reaction. That works too.

Also, well … my health conditions have been playing up like no other time. I’ve been confined to the house for several periods of several days and never come anywhere near this record before. Not even close. I tried to get out today but an embarrassing conditions started … well, bleeding and it did so yesterday. It has done three times previously too.

Also and for a couple of weeks I’ve been … hmm, what’s the word? I have not been motivated. I have not left the house for three or four days at a time. Not only had this happened twice in two weeks but it’s never, ever happened before, bit even once!

I had a prescription drug disappear to a gap in my throat three times and then suffered while the pill dissolved and burnt my throat and right lung to hell. Three times!

I also then developed a runny, right nose. Yet you read that correctly as only my right side sinuses are doing this. Oddly the side the pills got lost in, in some kind of gap.

I have wondered if there was a connection there or perhaps I contacted some bug that has affected my throat, why pill disappeared, and my  somewhere, as well as my energy being sapped?

I’ve still not had my right knee condition, given to me and I need to sort this out now. I also need to put forward the things that have happened the last few weeks and the things I keep forgetting to tell.

Well it’s on record now that I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome and with that comes bad memory problems. I have also conveyed this several times but feel the need to make it more … official along with … undeniable.

If I should by the farm, so to speak, I would not want to be in the shoes off any of the idiot GP’s, who think themselves highly intelligent, I have been registered with. Nor any of the Doctors in the five different hospitals I have been involved with.

Or anyone within the NHS, fit that matter. Lol.

Hospitals may struggle in all-out strikes, says GMC –

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