This one was a … surprise.

Now just to go over a little health history, and only one part of four or five different parts, I have a hiatus hernia and have had this, at least the symptoms, for over twenty years.

I suffer very severe heartburn and in recent years sudden vomiting without warning which was diagnosed via my second endoscopy as Oesophagitis.

Now over the 6 different General Practitioners I have been under, not counting another ten I got passed of to, just one asked me something that no other did. ‘Why have you been taking your PPI drugs (Proton Pump Inhibitor) for twelve years?’

She explained that I should only have taken them until the scaring in my oesophagus had healed. I explained that if I did stop taking them my life would get even more unbearable than it currently was and that I would suffer very bad heartburn regularly within 48 hours of creating said drug.

Now and according to a BBC report linked below they are now stating that using them, my Proton Pump Inhibitor or PPI, for too long caused kidney damage?! Just bloody great.

Dr Huq said that I should not have taken them for that long and I said I had asked for the operation for twenty years and kept being told, no.

That conversation was around 5 years so and I’ve been prescribed these PPI’s ever since. So around 17 years then.

It becomes fecking ridiculous when the ‘nos’ you have been told for years turn into being the culprit for something far more serious than saving a few hundred quid.

If Lansoprazole turns out to be one of the more guilty of the PPI’s I think I better putting some garnish to one side for one of my hats?


Warning over kidney risk from heartburn drugs –


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