Well I have had a snotty email response.

I got a ticking off, would you believe, because they did not state that I had not got a greater then 51% chance of winning a court case …

Umm … except that is the second time I have been told exactly that and the fact that they said ‘NO’ to help in the same letter, well … in my book that basically is stating that you did not get far enough over half a chance of winning a court case, lol.

Then there was a sarcastic comment about going through hours and hours of blog posts … umm except for the fact it works the same a a Google search.

In other words this organisation meant to help the public just did not bother to look.

They must be helping so, so many people to not be able to spend a couple of hours doing some searching and listening to some tapes? LOL.

Also they do not seem to know anything about the fact a Doctor, or DOCTORS and a Specialist, falsified an ultrasound test result for a condition that is actually a killer?

My word, my Fibrofog from my Fibromyalgia must really be getting bad if I emailed  an organisation and did not actually state what I was emailing them about?!



Here is the email response from AvMA, or confusingly called Action Against Medical Accidents and my reply to them. I point out the sarcasm but I DO NOT bother to be sarcastic about her not telling me she was not prepared to search through my blog. I am stern about being spoken to like I posses an IQ below the score of 10.

Or as it more likely sounds like … making an excuse for why they did not look for it when I had actually asked them why they had not even bothered to ask me for it?

You with me?!



Dear Mr Haswell

Thank you for your email.

I am afraid that AvMA has only limited resources in terms of staff and I am afraid that it is simply not feasible for us to read or listen to web-based information which can take several hours to look through and to listen to and it is for this reason that I was not able to do more than briefly look over your blog pages. If you are able to provide a concise, chronological, written account of your concerns about health care we would be able to look over this if you want specific advice on a  potential clinical negligence case but with the greatest respect your letter to us did not highlight that this was advice you were seeking. I also must say that I did not make an assessment that your case had a less than 51% chance of success, I simply told you that given that most cases now have to be undertaken by solicitors on a no win no fee basis, this is the benchmark chance of success that solicitors are looking for:-

I am afraid that changes in funding for claims means that increasingly solicitors are only able to take on cases where on initial assessment the chances of success are over 51% and there are no additional litigation risk factors such as the claim is well within the three year time limit for making a claim.

 If you are able to submit further  information  in the format I have proposed we are happy to see if there is anything further  we can do.


f o r   p a t i e n t   s a f e t y   a n d   j u s t i c e


Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA)

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Dear Tracy Minns

First off it does not take several hours and I( do not appreciate your sarcasm.

I said ‘audio recordings’ and any other details you asked for, like name of the Doctor on the audio recording can be searched on the blog via the search function, you know it is like using Google search, it sis the same principal really.

Second of all ‘you did state as much’ to what your now denying.

The fact that you stated what you did about the 51% implies that I was under that for chances of success.

Your asking concise information of someone who is disabled and one condition affects memory. I am afraid that the recording of …

Darren Francis admitting on tape he falsified the test result for an area of inguinal hernia repair as well as the new inguinal hernia I had, dictated a new letter to my GP at the time stating that I DID have an inguinal hernia and then did NOT send the letter he dictated in front of me.

 I diagnosed myself with Fibromyalgia. Just prior to this I had been put on Gabapentin for a couple of years. I then asked to be put on Pregabalin, which is the same family as Gabapentin, but was refused and put on Amitriptyline, a totally different class of drug. I was then accused of first being ‘mad’ and then accused of being violent when I told them I had a recording of a Doctor from Chase Farm Hospital admitting he was lying.

 Then I was lied to by my next GP, being told there were no NHS Fibromyalgia specialists/Doctors in the whole of the UK and also lied to me about there being no drugs for overs-weating. I then found out about Guy’s Hospital and had to force them to refer me where after 13 years I had my Fibromyalgia finally confirmed.

 Referring back to the second paragraph in bold, I then read in Black’s Medical Dictionary in around 2014 that Fibromyalgia only had two drugs that had any effect, the two totally unrelated drugs of Gabapentin and Amitriptyline which I was given consecutively, despite wanting Pregabalin. I was also told by the Pain Consultant that the Gabapentin being prescribed would NOT work on my back.

Odd as despite asking for several years my back has NEVER been diagnosed while they have x-rayed and scanned the WRONG part of my back several times.

 I am currently going through this with my back all over again and now they have quite deliberately x-rayed me several times but in the completely wrong way so that my real diagnosis does not show and have had this confirmed by a Osteopath in Potters Bar my current GP promised to refer me to 6 months ago but keeps making excuses why he has not, along with excuses as to why he has not looked at the private x-ray I gave him showing the two back problems 6 months ago too.

 That above in bold is only a small fraction. I have recordings in the absolute dozens and many of the most shocking ones, probably a dozen or two, have been posted on my blog over the past 3.5 years.

As to the length and amounts to anything … I am sorry but it is not I that is responsible for the amount of corruption and the number of organisations … ‘at it’.

Also if my knowledge of law was ‘that good’ I would not need a solicitor and would represent myself in court, which is why people go to advice organisations in the first place.

I am an expert on herpetology, batrachology, ichthyology, astronomy and astrophysics, orchidaceae, have knowledge of quantum mechanics and a single honours degree in applied computing and am a kung fu expert among several other skills.

Despite all that I cannot be expected to also know the intricacies of legal areas and know hat is relevant to a solicitor and what is not … oh … and I was a Personal Assistant to a solicitor right here in Enfield. Not in this area, before you ask. Conveyancing mostly with Wills & Probate.

So to summarise …

  • Fibromyalgia I have had 14 years plus, discovered about three years ago and then when I finally got diagnosed, 2 years ago, I started to realise certain things but was already long since recording
  • I was lied to 3 years ago but I have spent the last two years being messed around by NHS England and the PHSO, the latter I have half a dozen to a dozen letters and compliments slips from them and now they say that they have never heard of a member of staff called Jonathan White, I still hold the emails for (digitally) and no record of my case.
  • So therefore sounds like a deliberate time waste by a government organisation so I go beyond a Statute Of Limitation, yes I know what they are called, which is totally unfair as it applies to people that have no expertise in such areas and with not a single organisation, please do not mention CAB, to go to, to actually get any genuine help at all.
  • In fact over 300,000 people that will soon be in the millions on my blog, all agree or have now realised this is the case and why the blogs exist
  • There is far, far more than one blog, fifteen to be precise and my YouTube channel backs them all up with 0ver 1,500 videos and around 160,000 views of my videos and rising

If I did not explain this clearly previous, I thought I had, then I apologise for that.

But you have to understand that it is bloody annoying when I have spent several years at my own expense collecting all this data and evidence while helping closing on on half a million people for no money whatsoever while having a several disabilities and pain and an organisation that actually receives money to help us says ‘oh we have no money and they are cutting this, that and the other’.

Help is help. Words mean something. Start changing this and you change the meaning to one that is misleading.

As for me … I got on with the job at hand. It matters not to me that I do not get paid. I research, work things out, plan, by the tools, approach and capture and then spend years telling others so that they can help themselves.


Martin Haswell BSc


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