What is good and what evil?

Those of faith are many

As are those willing to be false

Others come and pictures are created

With false ideas and meanings

The victims led far astray

Of themselves and others

Reality stretched beyond all recognition

All around no longer as it appears

The comfort of falsities wraps them up

Likened to a soft protective blanket

The truth to difficult to bear

Remain within so all appears

To cause the blanket to feel warm and safe

But others remain outside

They battle to see the real truth

But seeing this is not for winning

To get the fires raging and lapping at the sky

You must start very small

Turning to cinders for almost all

Those blankets of comfort and falsities

The aftermath leaves one and all looking

They see each other and then it is so

They see they are many

They see they are millions

Then a new surround comes around

One to cover them all without false hopes

One nation one people to change them all

The sands of time they come

and then they go slowly sifting through epochs

While more and more people appear

Shedding to one side their wrappings

One by one the number grows higher

Month by month the numbers grow ever higher

There is no going backwards

There is no return

The day I long to arrive

The day I look forward to

The day when we only ever move forwards

Not sideways nor backwards

That is when the day is finally done


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