Yup, so much is he that they named a law after him!

I am a little fed up as he is always hanging around and driving me nuts. He only ever strikes just when I am about to do something else.

I was planning on a new camera in a few months time, which did not work out, when my one took a bloody tumble and I am still, trying to get it replaced. Of course I need that for all of my blogs and my YouTube channel I have now spent 3.5 years working on.

Of course I am still missing several items and the necessary space to all that I want and am capable of doing.

I left the house today forgetting something else, as I more often than not do. My Fiio hi-res music player and RHA headphones. So back to the house yet again and annoyingly when I thought it was about 10am was actually midday! Grrr.

Rummage around and no music player. Must of left it upstairs then? Umm … no!

Oh, it is in my backpack? No. Inside pockets? No! I used a different bag? No! I have put it down somewhere and placed something on top of it? NO!


Last time I remember seeing it, … I THINK, was the morning before yesterday when I was picked up by my brother to go birdwatching. He called me ‘Go, Go Gadget’ and ‘Inspector Gadget’ because of all my devices and wires. I told him there were still half a dozen or more gadgets I did not bring out, like my audio recorder, radio scanner … umm other Windows phone and probably others?

Where does ‘sod’ come into all this?

Well I was hoping to get an Astell & Kern AK Jr at some point which I would be doing about now if it were not for the fact that I desperately need a camera and the camera unfortunately takes precedence.


How I do not know but it always, and I do mean always, happens like this. I start planning something, start working towards something and then something else comes along and goes wrong just about the time when it is about to go right!


Like some bloody court papers I was meant to get a hold most of last Summer and then should have done in November only for that to go south for the winter and not even knowing why that is.

I listen to music most of the time when I am out to take my mind of the 100 things that often go through it. Half a dozen or more of these are pains, either dealing with them or constantly worried they are going to flare up. Or the half a dozen symptoms that are ‘hope a crack in the floor opens and you fall into a bottomless pit’ embarrassing!

Jesus! I am going top miss having that player.

The only upside is … or bloody well should be, is the fact it is Spring and the warmer weather means I should be out on my bike with my … faulty camera most days. Except it is not good weather and we have only had a couple of full days and a few half days of decent weather.

Rain, rain, nothing but rain is all we get lately and even several of the sunny days have had rain at some bloody point! Should be good for the wild British Orchids but I am betting it will rain right through the periods when they are in flower and I wont get up there?! Lol.

Damn this Fibrofog and Fibromyalgia, it really is the bane of my life in so many ways I lose count! If someone was to ask me in how many ways I get driven nuts by my health I would say … well four, except one of them has so many bloody ways on its own that I cannot even give you a number!

Over a dozen that bog me down I would say. Both feet, right calf, shoulder, memory, vomiting, skin conditions, umm two others, oh yeah … and that one lol (not telling on those three), high blood pressure, postural hypotension, light sensitivity, sleep problems and umm am I forgetting anything? Memory, lmao!

Several back problems, lumbar, thoracic region (middle) and neck.

Physical problem with right knee.

Severe heartburn.

These are the main ones that are in the forefront of my mind.

Jesus, why is it so effing hard?

JESUS, why is there no EFFING HELP?!

I keep asking but I never get an answer, from anyone else, nit only Jesus.

Steps to getting help …

  1. Find organisation that claims to be advice/action in your field, ask for help …
  2. Get told they do not actually do that
  3. Ask them why
  4. Get lies or crap in answers
  5. Ask them about deliberate mistakes I lead them to make
  6. Get told to ask ‘x’ organisation
  7. Go back to ‘1’
  8. Repeat
  9. Repeat Steps 1 to 8 a dozen times before you realise …
  10. None do anything, they all lie and their names are intentionally misleading
  12. LMAO!
  13. Then realise you gotta just keep doing this crap even though it hurts in more ways than one!
  14. Feel like sticking your head in a mincer

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