I heard in the news that Three Mobile were intending to buy O2!

This was a surprise to me, I must say.

But more notable are a couple of things.

Firstly Three Mobile are and have been for years the only one of Britain’s mobile telecoms companies to offer unlimited data on not just monthly contracts but on Pay As You Go too!

Every other telecoms company bosses said ‘no way’ to unlimited broadband and they here is what used to be the smallest telecoms company trying to buy one which was the biggest!

Tells you a lot, does it not?

Also, though, is that Three suddenly started messing around with their unlimited broadband, at least on Pay As You Go as far as I know, and put the monthly charge up from £15 to £20 and I’ve just recently received a text to say that they are limiting the download to 12GB!

That’s a bloody big difference from unlimited to 12GB when some games can be 25 to 45GB and over the next year or two will go beyond 50GB and maybe as high as 70?

There is also an All In One 25 tariff on Three Pay As You Go as well as the ’20’ and what used to be All In One 15, which was unlimited. Whether or not this will remain as unlimited or be limited I do not know.

Funny really as all of the network’s services have been utter shite for ten years or more, regardless of whether it’s 3G or 4G.

I lost count of the complaints I had with all of them, bar Orange and the only person I know with one of those also gets a bad signal in my house.

I don’t live on the Isle Of Sky or the Outer Hebrides and not even do I live in the country in some far flung valley somewhere. I live in Enfield which is, technically, North London.

Yup, they are suggests thinking of ways to get more money or increase profits but improving the service to their customers doesn’t get a single thought in over a decade.

Sure, they have introduced these new generations of networks while bragging some massive claims but they never even come close to what they claimed!

The funny thing is, is that EE claim they are twice, or more, faster on their 4G than the other networks? But I’ve read in computing magazines their 4G is shite, nowhere near as fast as they claim for the majority of the time and not forgetting greedily, and extremely expensive.

Seventy pounds plus for a super fast broadband speed that’s limited?!

Are you fucking insane?

If it were not for Virgin Media also being a bunch of lying and greedy bastards I would not have told them to shove their Internet and landline phone and instead would tell the even greater telecoms companies they can all SHOVE IT!

They all act patronising to their customers and act as if they are of superior intellect, oh pleeease, and professional, but they lie through their fucking teeth! Then they suddenly start charging you three times the monthly it was when you started three months or so down the line!

I even got this with Virgin Media. Only Internet and landline phone for 28 per month and four months later I’m posting closer to £100 per month which is what they charge when you have the all-in TV package.

Everyone I ever spoke to who was with Virgin Media, note I said ‘was’, said that their bills started to gravitate towards the £100 pet month figure too. It’s why ask if then went to Sky!

How the fuck are these companies run?! Why are these get cat bosses getting millions when nursery children could do a better job and for a hand full of popsicles?!

Sorry about the bold type above. It seems that Google are no different from anyone else as despite the dozens of fucking updates to their Blogger Android App they have never fixed a damn thing in three years on either of their two properties.

Funny how these bosses ask like to strut around like they are all that?! Lol!

Tossers. Head scratchily bizarre, it really is.

So now Three Mobile have done well enough to be able to talk about buying O2 but like the idiots they all are, they gonna mess with it and feck it up. In three, no pun intended, or so years watch add they lose money and either get bought out by … umm one of those unheard of telecoms companies or expect the British taxpayer they have royalty screwed for several years, to bail them out.

They never learn. You would think someone would right a book or blog and publish it to allow then to learn common sense so they can refer back to it and … oh, wait?


O2-Three merger threatens long-term damage, says CMA –


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