Oh dear lord!

I get nothing but absolute crap from Google crappy software, namely Blogger!

Years of updating and yet it is still losing the labels and still screwing up the formatting and now it decides to freeze when I ask it to save a length post I typed out.

I forced a reboot of my really, really crap tablet PC, will NEVER buy another tablet, and would you believe it’s still frozen on saving the post?!

Which means it’s a problem at Google’s end. Oh I’ll just email them … no, wait? They are aloof and Good like beings, like most companies and public services, oh and this Word app has now decided not to put on spaces automatically … AGAIN!

Weird as it was working … oh it just did as I forgot to hit ‘space’ but it put it in, then it stopped and I had forgotten that it did this which is why I was not typing the posts out in MS Word before copying and pasting them!

God damn it!

No I found an article on The Mirror tabloids website about a Despatches programme on Channel 4 where they secretly filmed Capita!

News to me but Capita have been carrying out the assessments of disabled people for Personal Independent Payments.

This was Atos, except I, three attempts at typing ‘gave’ feck me, gave them, the government and the DWP a bloody hard time for years.

Right now trying to remember the points in the webpage …

First off after Atos there was someone else. Probably heard about me or the blog and thought better of it? Lol!

Secondly they stated that get £20,000 per month, not sure if that’s each.

Thirdly they stated exactly that I’ve told thousands of people, several organisations including CAB, DPAC and many others including Scope that they don’t make the rules and decide, the DWP do, which they have refuted of course.

So lastly it seems that once again someone has gone after two of my enemies, new connection of the two, for something I did years ago on here and prior to blogs beginnings. They have also proved what I’ve told thousand of people, posted on here for nearly four years. I had to drill into some groups of disabled people who were convinced that Atos were the one and only enemy. Atos did this job previously, until they got hit by several salvos from me and this blog got going. It’s the DWP behind the illegal, amoral and inhumane actions.

Got them!! Lol!

Another of my endeavours and enemies/targets being caught red handed using my methods and approach.

I wonder if this was direct or from what the late Michael Meacher MP passed on from my blogs?

Also Capita are one of the top three debt collector companies with a bad name and using physical abuse and fraud to acquire money from the public. The crimes they commit are worse than the crimes committed by their victims by a greater factor than ten!

I was involved with, attacked by and defrauded out of £4,000 + by JBW Group, number one on the corrupt debt collectors list.

I have a report from them that admits violence, invoice stating one item sold for £400 when I have emails from the builders of this only one in the world custom made item for £2,800.

That was one item out of five.

That was a parking ticket, lol.

I was disabled and the people that sent the bailiffs knew it.

So why is a debt collector assessing disabled people?!

For a plan that is itself corrupt, invented by the DWP. Just as I have always claimed.

Oh yeah, I forgot…another prediction proved correct!

Do you know what I thought would be interesting? If someone researched how many of my endeavours have been mirrored/copied in the media with dates for both me and them. Lol.

Would be bloody impressive if someone was already keeping scores?!



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