Well I heard back from Patient Claim Line, replied to them and have heard back from them again.

  1. I emailed them the details of what I have suffered and what I had on mainly the NHS
  2. They emailed me back with the same thing I was getting 5 years ago
  3. I replied to their … err reply asking how they had come to this conclusion without seeing, or rather HEARING, the audio recordings and why they or the solicitor did not even request them
  4. I got fuck all from those two questions and told to email The Law Society so I did

EDIT: Hmm, starting to think that these organisations are just out there by the government to make it appear to … mere mortals that there IS an avenue to which you can obtain justice but when in fact there is not.

I mean, what more do I have to do? Get the culprits to accompany me into their offices and them fully admitting it?



Dear Mr Haswell


Re: Your Medical Negligence Enquiry 

We write with reference to our recent telephone conversation in relation to a potential clinical negligence case.

We write to confirm that having reviewed your potential case we are unable to act for you under a conditional fee or “no win no fee” basis as we do not believe that the chances of success with your case are greater than 50%.

We must advise you that if you do wish to pursue this claim, court proceedings must be brought against the defendant or defendants within 3 years of either the date of negligent treatment or the date you became aware of the negligent treatment.

This is only our view of the chances of success and a different firm of solicitors may take a different view on the chances of success. Should you wish to obtain further advice you may wish to search for solicitors who specialise in this area on the Law Society website, which is http://www.lawsociety.org.uk

Yours faithfully


Grace Mawdsley

Patient Claim Line

So … here we go again …lol…


Dear Sirs

Medical Negligence

It has been suggested by someone, think it was Patient Claim Line, that I email you. I did this some years back.

I tried to get legal representation some years ago because I knew that the NHS were lying to me through GP’s.

Since then I have been through no less than 5 GP Surgeries, locally, an not only did I have these surgeries and five hospitals lie to me but I recorded them on an audio file as they did.

I had one admit that the NHS get GP’s to lie to patients and another admitting that they falsified an ultrasound scan, then sent off the original falsified scan results after re-dictating a letter to my GP to say something WAS found. Subsequent letter stated ultrasound was clear.

These are just two of many recordings I have.

In this time I also managed to diagnose myself, something the NHS managed to miss then lie about for well over a decade, and then had my diagnosis confirmed by Guy’s Hospital. While being diagnosed the Doctor also spotted a problem with my right knee I had asked the NHS about for also close to a decade, possibly more. He did a test on my right knee without warning me that if I experience pain then I failed the test. Surprised while experiencing said pain he then declared that I had a physical problem with said knee.

When the letter came back from the hospital it the knee problem was not mentioned at all, or the test or the experiencing of pain. Also the drug I was promised, which was Pregabalin, was also not mentioned and I was set up for the umpteenth time just to save money. But saving money is not the only thing this behaviour has en effect on.

Obviously there is the problem of being left and dealing with pain and also subsequent support and financial help from local councils and the DWP. I warned both of these and the NHS that I knew they were lying as well as setting me up and I knew both how and why.

Everything I ever state is recorded.

I spent several years doing this because when I tried to get legal representation previously I was told I could not get it because I did not have a good enough chance of winning?! It would appear that telling the truth and having witnesses was not enough, along with a simple exam by a Doctor NOT associated with the NHS.

So can you imagine my confusion when I send my details, and a lot more than I put here, off to the Patient Claim Line only to get told the exact same thing?!

Also are you able to explain to me that whenever I have tried to get help and told them I have recordings proving this that I deliberately did not send the recordings because I suspect every one, including every single ombudsman.

Can you therefore explain to me just how it is that not only did each and every one of them NOT ask for the recordings but also when I point out that they made decisions on NOT hearing the recordings but did not even ask for them I do not get an answer as to why?

I will also add that unlike previously when I tried to get help to prove I had something wrong with me, since found three things, and that the NHS was lying I have managed to do this over and over and over again and while doing so I have published each and every step of the way along with my findings and evidence to a series of blogs and a YouTube channel that is proving to be very popular.

In the 3.5 years since I started publishing my findings I have had over 300,000 visitrors, in just 3.5 years with no promoting of any kind, had many, many likes followers and even a comment of thanks from a man of the cloth who realised his family had been lied to as well!

This has also had an extremely detrimental affect on my relationships, family, friends and a love life has been off the cards for well over a decade too!

My depression as a result of all this is on medical file and has been for well over ten years.

So for me, not forgetting my readers who follow my plight for justice and against corruption in the UK from all over the world, can you please explain to me what the hell everyone is getting paid for, including you?!

Because just like everyone else these past 3 years I am also expecting the same old crap from you too … YET ANOTHER BLANK! I have not been wrong these 3.5 years as my visitors have noted.

Also so much so that the late Michael Meacher MP requested in January 2013 if he could use my data, of the DWP & Atos, against Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons and it was I that got rid of Atos and produced evidence against them and NOT the Tory Party! I still have his email request.

I look forward to hearing from you as I am sure my readers will.


Martin Haswell BSc

Screenshots of EMAILS ..

PateintClaim 100416 LawSociety 100416


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