Well they said they would be more and they were not wrong.

After an extremely long … inordinately long wait a second group of Muslim rapist, paedophile ring had hit the news.

Only it’s not the one in Liverpool I was expecting?!

So that wait continues on.

I did think that when journalists were told, by the government commissioners that stepped in on Rotherham Council I presume, to expect many more paedophile rings covered up by local councils and Police I did think they were speaking specifically about Liverpool.

But then I did fear that there were likely a large number of paedophile rings with at least one for each major city and probably more than one for the larger cities?

I know only too well what the victim’s and the relatives of the victims are going through. It never goes away I’m afraid and don’t think it ever will. As strange as it may sound it gets a little easier. Just a little mind.

I never go a day without thinking about it even the i feel like I’m being punished for something by the one involved in mine.

For what I know not.

So I can’t apologise before I don’t know what it is I have to apologise for in all honesty.

The other day someone told me I was famous and I corrected him and started I was not.

Walking home I had wondered if something had appeared in the media or on TV or perhaps the Internet? Not been told anything by anyone else so it can’t have meant anything.

Maybe he remembers my blog and naturally thinks I’m spoken of reported about in the media somewhere?

I’ve known for a very long time that the media simply doesn’t work like that and many things don’t get reported on.

I shudder to think of how many of these groups of evil and nasty disciples of the devil will be uncovered? I shudder to think how many won’t be!

Going from the amount of time between the two it may well be several years before these are finished being reported on.

Rochdale men jailed for ‘appalling and vile’ abuse –


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