I saw something … simply … mind-boggling.

I often have to tell myself that my job, or grand endeavour, is difficult for two reasons..

Firstly that people are blind and Ostrich like and simply refuse to see the truth right out in front of them and you have to keep banging their heads against a wall until they see it.

Secondly that people are not naive and that they think that by doing something stupid they will get regular spots on TV.

Then there is of course those people that no matter what that by doing something they think is insanely good, but really stupid, they will change the world and attitudes. That they believe that, no matter what, there is good in everyone or that everyone is good at heart.

Now neither of those last statements is true, quite unfortunately, and there is absolutely nothing I can do with this lot because just as people can be evil to the core so some are rigorously blind and stupid.

You cannot wipe out someone’s entire history just like that, that is to say that if they have had a life of hell and witnessed lives being taken, tortured, hands chopped off and victims being stoned to death or worse, this is normal to them. There is nothing you can do about that.

Even if they manage to succeed after years of telling themselves, or being convinced by others, that this is wrong … what about all the crimes that closely follow that? How far do you keep going and how long and how much money will it take?

It is unfortunate but this is an impossible job.

It reminds me of something I was told yesterday by a friend how had returned from Italy. I had already explained on here about how I forgot that Italy is the catholic capital of the world when I was told they were on high alert because of this fact. I was told another story.

My friend is not quiet about his feelings towards certain groups of people and neither are many other people any longer. This is the venom and poison I have hinted towards for years. He was airing these views in front of another British couple who hid their heads and stared at the floor. Obviously embarrassed to be standing with someone saying such awful things about these groups of people. They told him they did not agree with his opinions.

However later on … this couple were explaining that when they was in a particular hotel in some location in Italy they were actually scared to leave the hotel, especially at night they were terrified.

This was not because of the Italians, you understand. No it was because of large numbers of two groups of people that had, for want of a better word, sort of infiltrated the area.

I said … “Oh so you cannot say anything bad about these people but their actions state the exact same thing!” and he said “YES! That is exactly what I said to [his other half]”

I told him that in the period we were not in contact I had posted several times about this, it is worse to point out the nasty nature of people than it is for these people to carry out their nasty and violent nature. I said this his experience is a perfect example of this political correctness crowd that states that saying anything about a group of people is wrong. This only serves to let them think they can get away with blue murder!

There are groups of people that for the vast majority are nasty and evil and amoral. That is not the fault of the people that are willing to point that out.

But this does not mean that all of these people are bad and therein lies the problem.

I do not believe that all of this group of people or that group of people is bad. But the trouble is people are like children, spoil them and they will behave badly en masse. It is just the nature of things and people.

The other odd thing is that I have heard reports of people stating that they have been fed up with representatives of these communities only coming out and saying something when there is an attack on the western.

So back on track …

Diving into Great White Shark breeding grounds, did you KNOW that halfwits, to swim in front of boats to stop migrants being taken back to Turkey?

Yeah, right.

To me these idiots are being disrespectful to all that have been killed, attacked, raped and suffered because of what these people have done.

You have allowed people from what are primitive societies and dumped them into another society that is civil on the face of it, the dog eat dogs and politicians not withstanding. It was a powder keg with a timer attached to it.

People that know me and know what I think, feel and post are starting to raise their eyebrows when they hear of the latest numbers I have reached on my blogs and YouTube channels and realise I have not had one single person argue any of my posts.

The problem is not just with the small number of suicide bombers, with that alone you only need small numbers in each European country to wreak havoc for years to come. No, you have the criminal element and I am afraid that these are a way, way bigger percentage than the radicals coming in. Then you have the attitudes to what is thought of as a normal society and behaviour with the rest of them. Then you have those that will look down on Christians and any other religious group and associate them with the devil and all that crap.

The point?

Well other than the obvious is that I do not agree with religion but I do now nor will ever go out killing people because they belong to this religion or that religion.

No matter if I would like to ban all religions either because I am smart enough to know that if I were made Prime Minister tomorrow I could not ban any religion. As much as I hate to say it, because its everyone’s God given right to be naive. Just do not complain when your naivety sleep walks us into the fiery pits of hell with these New Nazis!


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