Write well I have had some responses to those thirty odd letters I sent off, the ones from the videos ..

Oh? It seems I did not film the other letters, or at least not uploaded them to YouTube?

Anyway … I have spent a couple of years getting evidence and in that time I have proved that I did indeed have something ailing me, in fact I proved three things, and that I was lied to about the existence of NHS departments, drugs available and drug types as well as lying about other things and admitting they falsified ultrasound tests.

Now you would think that with all that, and who the fuck else would do what I have done, that this evidence I have that acquiring legal representation would be easy?

The fact is that I had a feeling that the answer would always be no. Hence now that I amassed all that I did I would start asking once again, knowing that the answer would be no only THIS TIME to the viewers and repeat visitors this would like highly suspect.

In fact just like everyone else they did not even ask for a listen to the evidence, or any of the letters I have had that are contradictory to what I proved.

In fact it seems that legal idiots are gifted with divine intervention?!

They said no, that I had LESS than a 50% chance, utter bullshit, pulled the statute of limitations on me and never asked for a single piece of evidence.

So here are the last two emails of Patient Claim Line saying no and me pointing out the deliberate mistakes to see quite how they react?

Just call it a hunch, lol.


Dear Grace Mawdsley

That is quite amazing that you come to the conclusion that my chances are no greater than 50% without asking or listening to the evidence.

How did you do that, as I would like to know?

Secondly you said some bad words …

A statute of limitations is hardly something you can enforce when I have been asking for months on end for help and being lied to by a bunch of incompetent people.

I look forward to your response.

Something else to post onto my blog … I did state it was about the truth, how corrupt the Uk and all its companies and public offices are and how quite impossible it is to get justice, even with the evidence laid out for people on sound files.

Because part of my plan is to show what an awful state the legal industry is in and that new laws announced by Prime Ministers in the House of Commons are not worth a wet … weekend. AS there is no way for the majority of the British public to enforce them.

I did state my blogs are very popular, there is a reason for this. Also I reason I do occasionally get thanked and liked, not forgetting followers.

Martin Haswell BSc

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Grace Mawdsley

Sent: 06 April 2016 11:40

To: s

Subject::Mr M Haswell

Dear Mr Haswell

Re: Your Medical Negligence Enquiry

We write with reference to our recent telephone conversation in relation to a potential clinical negligence case.

We write to confirm that having reviewed your potential case we are unable to act for you under a conditional fee or “no win no fee” basis as we do not believe that the chances of success with your case are greater than 50%.

We must advise you that if you do wish to pursue this claim, court proceedings must be brought against the defendant or defendants within 3 years of either the date of negligent treatment or the date you became aware of the negligent treatment.

This is only our view of the chances of success and a different firm of solicitors may take a different view on the chances of success. Should you wish to obtain further advice you may wish to search for solicitors who specialise in this area on the Law Society website, which is http://www.lawsociety.org.uk.

PCL Email 060416


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