It’s funny how the news media report things.

I’ve been suspect of this for well over ten years.

Today I see this report on the BBC News app about pro-migrant activists who marched near the border of Austria and Italy about strict controls for the border, by the Austrians.

Now before I explain how this is most suspect and weird for a number of reasons I will state the report made a point of stating that these activists were made up of Italians, Germans and Austrians. A thousand to be close to the number of activists.

One thousand activists.

As always the report makes it that the whole of Europe’s public, including the UK, must feel this way based on an absolutely tiny number of people.

They are strongly trying to insinuate and I can only think that these reporters, or the BBC in general, think we are all idiots and easily led?

Well it just so happens that on this occasion I have a friend who had been traveling around Italy.

We spoke mere hours ago on the phone and he told me something that the news media seen to be leaving out and he has seen things for the whole five days he has been in Italy.

He told me they were shocked at what they saw, which was a heightened state of alert over the migrants and terrorism. There were Police posted everywhere and being the country that had the Vatican and where the Pope resides they are worried. Even the train stations ask have armed Police patrolling platforms as well as stations.

They have been to Venice, Pisa, Florence and Rome that I know of and the story is the same everywhere.

It must be terrible for the Italian public to live like that?

But at the same time and as I told my friend on the phone it never even occurred to me that the Muslim terrorists would target Italy!

Even more shocking is how none of the news groups have pointed this out of even mentioned or questioned the possibility of the Vatican being a terrorist target with all these Muslims swanning around in groups thinking they have the right to go anywhere they want?

Well a large proportion do think themselves the master race, or as I like to call them ‘the New Nazis’ only they use swords and likely axes instead of gas.

I don’t even know if there are any migrants in Italy and if there are, how many?

No, instead and no matter how many times we have been attacked, or indeed will be attacked, all you see is good bad the migrants are treated or being forced back. This along with the strong insinuation of how racist that country forcing them back is, or whatever Police Force is.

I think that the news media very much needs investigating and I wonder how the UK reporting compares to other countries?

I could not swan around Europe, certainly not without a passport and I have proof of how crap the government of the UK and it’s public services have treated me like shit for will over a decade. But no one would want to feel sorry for me, despite my disabilities, and take me in and help me out.

But I’m expected to do that for a bunch of people who in my experience have no, or very little values or decency or even respect of other people and their beliefs?

I also caught wind of another report that stated that a radical was allowed to go from one Mosque to another in a long queue and spouted his evil, murderous, deluded religious crap while encouraging more Muslims to join Jihad?!

In Mosques we paid for, no doubt?

But right there on that border are a bunch of people that despite how many have been murdered still expect us to lay down while they walk all over us. They have heard that there are idiots like them, that’s why they are waltzing right across Europe.

Why else would so many people, en masse, do what they did? Why Europe and not head for India or China? Why not Russia or Africa with the latter having several Arab Muslim nations?

And last but not least, why on Earth would a bunch of Muslims want to go to a very strictly catholic country like Italy?

Sorry but it just does not add up, no matter which way you slice it.

I asked my friend on the phone if someone who was a devout catholic who thought all other religions were evil and wrong would move to a Muslim country to live? He laughed.

I said that with my sudden realisations that should have occurred to me long ago I now expect a while heap of trouble in Italy. Quite unfortunately as Italy is a country I love. Except for some of those in the extreme south who didn’t seen very friendly and apparently don’t like Italians from the north of the country. Or in other words I got a lot of stares and a woman who was from Calabria filled me in as to why this was. In fact she was surprised I survived several days out there sleeping in a car, lol!

Still unfortunately they will probably be brought together at some point, unfortunate because it will likely be from some trouble, or attack even, from some terrorists posing as migrants?

I hope this does not prove to be the case, but the side of my brain good with numbers, averages and sixth senses is telling me otherwise.

Migrant crisis: Brenner frontier demonstration sees clashes –


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