Amazing story, shocking revelations I cannot get over and…

… sorry I can’t keep that up. Lol, cannot think what to say to fake being surprised. Because I’m not.

So a story about doping claims involving one Doctor and 150 sports men and women who got banned performance improving drugs off him?

I’m only surprised something like this had not come out before. I think the fact that you have not had the odd footballer being caught taking drugs would lead more to take these drugs. If bi over ever gets caught, or even tested, then everyone will be at it, unfortunately.

Nor am I surprised in the slightest that this Doctor was reported two years ago and no action was taken, by the drugs body UKAD.

What I found hilarious is that it stated that UKAD did not pass this on to the GMC! Morons! They should have done because the GMC either do not do anything or act against you and protect the Doctors.

I know because I’ve been involved in this myself and all the details are on this blog.

Also I find it bloody hilarious that the news media is banging on about UKAD being informed two years beforehand and not chasing it up and investigating.

Hmm, I have them around 20GB of data four years ago, yes 4, and I’ve not heard so much as a peep out of them, but seen many stories that are a mirror image of my own numerous endeavours.

Pot calling the kettle black much?

Once again another story like my own coming out. Not so much the Doctor and sports drugs, well other than then capable of being underhanded, to stay NHS registered in my cases, but a body paid for by the British taxpayer sitting on their arses with missing thumbs.

I’ve a bloody long list of this on here! Not one or two but a bloody long list. For each of the public services, not just one or two!


I laugh but it is quite sad really.

I want to add a little anecdote about all this too.

I was making my way from Sainsburys to my local kebab shop when a car sounded it’s horn. I took no notice but after s few years another one did this. There was no traffic and want busy and I started to wonder if my flies were undone? Lol! By the time I reached my kebab shop it had happened five or six times. While standing in the doorway digesting to the proprietor it happened again. I said this had happened, as I made my way to his store, six times. I said I looked behind me at one point as I thought someone famous must be walking behind me.

What he said next raised an eyebrow …

“It’s you!”

“Me?” I replied.

“Yes, your famous with all these things you have done” he stated with a smile.

I just laughed and said “No, I’m not famous.”

Then made my way home hoping he wasn’t right, lol.

Hmm, yes I remember telling a friend this earlier and then remembered, just as I did just now, that I have had an increase in likes and followers in the last week of two.

Just a noticeable increase in notifications about likes and followers.

Good God! Please don’t tell me I’m feature somewhere? Lol. I shouldn’t be and doubt it’d from my blogs. Now as I thought earlier, if my daughter had appeared in a tabloid, magazine or TV telling her story, that I could understand.

But there is no way I should be recognised!

I don’t really show my face, deliberately so, in my videos … oh crap … I just remembered there are some I put on a few years back. But I’m disheveled and don’t look like that right now. So thinking about it, no.

So God only knows why there was a series of tooting as cars went by me.

I do want to be recognised but only in being acknowledged fit what I did, not physically being recognised!

Hopefully there was some other reason I failed to spot. If so it shouldn’t happen any more and will be the one off. Fingers crossed!

As for the sportsmen doping .. I know where my money would be I’m afraid. The club’s that have reacted with denial won’t like what I would wager on.

Also odd to quickly cone out with denials. I mean there is no procedures in place to test players before a match … at any match at all so how can they be so sure?

Testing, as far as I ever recall, only ever took place at the World Cup with one of the most famous names in football testing positive after growing hooves right after scoring and famously screaming into the camera!

Every other support has had its doping revelations in the last year or two and I sheets thought it was odd that football never seems to get mentioned over doping.

Now let’s see how this pans out?

Remember this is just one Doctor? If this is true and he has supplied 150 sports men and women and yourself this … how many Doctors are involved?

What if it’s a dozen or more? Lol!

Remember what I’ve always said … I suspected corruption when I started and it ended up being found everywhere I looked, both dozens of public organisations and over half a dozen private companies.

That I was involved with and secretly recorded. Not anyone that I just talked about but the dozens of my own victims in all this corruption fandango.

Food for thought, dear reader, food for thought.

Anti-doping: Arsenal, Chelsea & Leicester deny ‘false’ claims –


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